304 clothing was founded by three students with a passion for fashion, starting out as 304# then later rebranding to 304.. The name is taken from the apartment that they began the company from. What began as a slogan brand name has now become much more.

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The early days of the company were spent ironing on letters to T-shirts and getting the creative juices flowing. The urban menswear scene is a challenging arena to enter. The founders were inundated with requests from friends, and friends of friends, to know where to get the clothing that they were producing… And so 304# was born.

The trio spent time travelling route 66 in America. In that time they continued their discussions about where the brand should go and how to make it happen. With university summers packed full of festivals and holidays they knew what they wanted to do- they wanted a brand that could stand out in the street wear scene; clothing that was revolutionary and completely different.

A rapidly growing fashion brand

Fast forward a couple of years and the company is now in over 50 shops worldwide and is growing fast. Their media coverage and social media presence have helped to propel them into the hearts and minds of an ever growing fan base. Very few brands have had the focus and impact that this urban wear company has had in such a short period of time.

The streetwear dream

The company makes clothes for men and women. As you take a look through range you will see that there is plenty of sexy urban attire; edgy fashion designs that really do stand out-they’re achieving their dream one step at a time through the vision they have evolved for the brand. If you have any questions about the 304# brand then get in touch with Thomas Gun. We know the clothing very well and are able to point our customers in the right direction when it comes to getting garments that will suit them. We can also help and advise on sizing.

The slogans of 304#

The company products include long sleeved and short sleeved T-shirts, vests and sweatshirts. You will see slogans emblazoned on the attire such as ‘Don’t Talk Dance ‘, “Youth Has No Age’, ‘So Cool’, ‘University of Instagram’, and ‘West Coast.

The fashion designs of this street brand

As you watch the marketing videos you will see street dancers doing flips and other cool visuals. This is exactly the image you get with the brand. The colours are trendy and urban. The fonts are bold and contrast on the backgrounds.

As new lines come out we will quickly add them to the website, and advertise them on our social media channels. Add us on social to stay in touch and find out more about this edgy urban fashion brand.

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