• The Ultimate Guide to Smart Casual Dress Codes for Men

    When it comes to dress codes, there are many for you to choose from which include smart dress codes, casual dress codes and even smart casual dress codes and more. With plenty of dress codes for you to remember, it can be difficult to remember what outfits match each dress code, especially when you are off to work.

    Well, in this article we thought we would help you out. In this article, we will discuss the ultimate guide to smart casual dress codes for men. If you are interested and, if you would like to find out more, keep reading for further information.

    Finding the Right Balance

    When it comes to smart casual dress codes it is important that you find the right balance between both. This is because you don’t want to make your outfit too casual or too smart when you are going to an event. Depending on where you are going and who else is going, you should ask others for advice and find out what they are wearing to give you a better idea of what you should wear. There are many combinations that you can choose for a smart casual dress code so experiment and see what outfits you can come up with which are both smart and casual.


    There are plenty of options when it comes to tops to follow a smart casual dress code as you could wear a polo top with a pair of nice trousers or even with a jumper on top for that smart casual look that you want to achieve. You could also wear a shirt or, a shirt with a jumper, again for a smart casual look. Jumpers themselves can also look smart so have a look and find your favourite look for a smart casual dress code.


    When it comes to trousers it all really depends on the trousers you decide to wear as they can make a huge difference to how casual the outfit is. Fitted trousers are a popular option for you to choose from when it comes to a smart casual dress code if you decide to wear a polo top or a jumper. If you decide you want to wear a shirt, you should then wear jeans to keep your outfit looking smart casual.


    When it comes to shoes, you can choose between trainers or smart boots to match your outfit. If you decide to go for a casual top with smart trousers you will have the option to either wear trainers or smart boots. If you decide to wear jeans then, you again can choose to wear smart boots or trainers. Make sure you try both on and ask for opinions to put your outfit together. If you are looking for boots then, you can find a wide selection of boots for for men by Dune which are very suitable for a smart casual dress code at work.


    When it comes to accessories for a smart casual dress code, you should consider jackets and blazers that you can wear to match your outfit. You should even consider wearing a tie, depending on the look that you are going for.

    Set Your Smart Casual Dress Code Today

    Overall, there are lots of dress codes to follow and in this article, we discussed the ultimate guide to smart casual dress codes for men. If you found this article useful then, make sure you keep it in mind and use it as a guide to help you with your dress codes when you are getting ready to go to any smart causal dress code event.

  • Hot Streetwear Brands For SS19

    Hot Streetwear Brands For SS19

    At Thomas Gun we are always searching the Fast Fashion Industry for the next big thing, a giant of the stature of Finn McCool. At the very least with us, you know you are getting access to Brands that are not saturated and everywhere you look. We always know Scar Tissue will be huge, but we also predict big things for Gianni Salvatore, Limit Clothing, Unique Be You and U and I originals

    So here is our list of Streetwear Brands we think will explode in Spring Summer 2019. Make sure you are ready to find your new love:

  • Embrace Couture
  • Fitlete Clothing
  • Gianni Salvatore
  • Limit Clothing
  • Monnaire London
  • Outhebox
  • Persistence London
  • Scar Tissue Clothing
  • Gianni Salvatore
  • Suxceed
  • The Yard Clothing
  • U&I Originals
  • Unique Be You
  • Offensive Fashion
  • the growth of Scar Tissue Clothing

    Who are the Brand with the Seed of Life Logo

    Following hot on the footsteps of Sik Silk as a brand with a big chest Logo came Scar Tissue Clothing with a swagger like a returning king. And for good reason, the brand owners have been in the industry a long time and helped the growth of Judas Sinned, 11 Degrees and Sik Silk plus many more. Like Sik Silk, it is not instantly obvious who the brand are, the seed of life pattern symbolizes the seven days of creation, but is more than that. It's a logo with real heart and power. Much like the brand's dogged determination to be a success.

    Constantly impressing us with bold ideas and designs, and we are not talking the usual "unique" ideas all the brands have, this is true bravery in not following the pack. The brand are fast becoming the leader in design, with many bigger brands copying their styles and ideas and claiming the plaudits due to their greater exposure. We tipped Scar Tissue for big things when we first saw them, and nothing has changed our minds. They are the future of urban streetwear, and we cannot wait to see what they do next.

  • A Great Staple Brand To Add To Your Urban Wardrobe

    When it comes to our wardrobes we all need a blend of different types of clothes. We want the statement pieces that really make our personality shine through. We need the dependable staples that we can turn to whenever we aren’t sure what to wear. Much of the Avid Attire clothing brand fits into the staples category. It is clothing that works beautifully with other brands and can be your go to clothing whenever you need a versatile solution. This piece will take a look at why Avid Attire is such a great addition to your wardrobe. Streetwear Clothing from Avid To Help You Blend In Avid Attire menswear provides you with clothing that helps you blend into city life. The clothes from this fashion label offer an active urban clothing look, high quality manufacture and unique in styles. Apart from the vests, most of the clothing is fairly versatile, fitting into different situations. For example, the urban sweatshirts can be worn with joggers or with smart jeans, depending on the look you’re going for. This is a brand to help you blend into city life whilst standing out from the crowd. Great Urban Clothing to Mix with Other Brands As mentioned earlier this brand is fantastic to mix with other brands to create your own unique look. The clothing fits so squarely into the urban fashion genre, and is made with colors that are versatile and styles that complement other clothing, making this a fantastic clothing brand to add some flexibility to your wardrobe. A Newcomer to Fashion That Is Making a Name Avid Attire is a brand that many streetwear clothing enthusiasts are turning to at the moment. The company has not released a massive range of clothing, but rather has decided to focus on doing a limited number of things extremely well. By taking this approach the fashion label has developed a strong reputation very quickly, and is making a name not just in UK, but around the world. Celebrities are even starting to take notice of this quality focused urban clothing company. Quality Clothing That Lasts Indeed, the clothing from Avid Attire is manufactured in European factories and then hand checked and packaged in the UK. Every item meets the clothing brand specifications that this clothing company holds itself to. This means that when you buy Avid Attire menswear clothing you are assured of the highest quality materials and manufacture you will find this price point, and your clothing will stand the test of time.
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  • Why We Choose to Stock Streetwear Company Illusive London

    Here at Thomas Gun, we like to think we have our finger(s) on the fashion pulse, especially when it comes to new global trends and styles – but the problem with certain types of clothing ranges is that there are just so many huge brands to choose from. This goes for us, as a retailer, as well as you as a customer – the choice can be off-putting. Which is why, when we find a company that truly stands out, we feel it’s our duty as a fashion outlet to let you, the consumer, know. Illusive London are set to reimagine urban clothing Illusive London are one such company that we’re beyond excited to work with. Sometimes, someone comes along that just has the ability, the passion and the determination to look at their chosen field and think ‘We can make it better’; enter Illusive London. With their highly experienced fashion designer team (the genius group behind the fantastic SikSilk name), Illusive are looking directly into the eye of modern, contemporary streetwear and analyzing what they do and what they don’t like. They want to create something different, whilst taking the lessons of past urbanwear ranges on board. Not so much reinventing the wheel, as moving onto hover technology. Setting their sights on one sector: menswear The biggest problem we see with some clothing manufacturers is that they spread themselves too thin. Either they try and opt into hundreds of different styles, ranges and cultures at once, meaning they become something of a jack of all trades, rather than an industry titan – or else they simply don’t do their homework and produce something that’s completely lackluster. With Illusive London, the designers know what they’re doing. Instead of focusing on a huge demographic with their hip hop style clothing, this time around the guys are solely focusing on the male physique, with tight fit clothing ranges and modern-cum-classic design choices. We love this decision, which is why we’re stocking them all throughout our business. This is a sure fire sign of a fashion retailer who not only recognize a gap in the market for quality, bespoke urban menswear, but also a passionate team of designers who want to improve their industry – what more can you ask for? It doesn’t always take someone with a lunatic vision to rework the traditional – sometimes it just takes someone who knows what they’re doing.  Illusive London know it all.
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  • Why You Should Have Fresh Ego Kid Urban Menswear In Your Wardrobe

    Fresh Ego Kid is a new menswear brand that has quickly taken the urban fashion scene by storm.  They offer a huge range of products that will fit in nicely with the wardrobe of any modern, fashion conscious man. Scrolling through the collection from the brand, it’s hard to miss the quality and uniqueness of the products shining through. Fresh Ego Kid does a lot of things differently, but it’s the special style and vibrancy sets them apart. Urban menswear designed with high quality materials As is the case with all the products we have in stock here at Thomas Gun, Fresh Ego Kid manufactures all of their clothing with the very best materials. Additionally, they also make sure that all their product designs feature brave and daring concepts and designs, allowing their customers to enjoy the unique feeling of sporting something new and trendy. From the sheer commitment to changing and redefining the expectations of the modern, urban, male fashion arena – you can see that this label is a force to be reckoned with. Urban menswear designs for the fashion savvy man From the ground up, Fresh Ego Kid are packed to the rafters with creative minds. It’s thanks to this committed and diverse staff, that this exciting brand has managed to produce such standout designs on a regular basis. From rubber print detailing up to screen printing – there’s no manufacturing technique that Fresh Ego Kid haven’t tried their hand at. They are authentically urban inside out, which means that even with the most daring, or unique offering from their range, you’re sure to find something that fits with your modern style. Go ahead and check out our range of Fresh Ego Kid stock for yourself, and place some orders before it’s all gone! From T-shirts to snap backs, we have you covered at every opportunity. Need help with the selection process? You can contact us to help you create a perfect, modern urban outfit today! If you have any other questions about Fresh Ego Kid’s urban menswear, then please get in touch - we will gladly address any issues you may have. With our decades of industry experience, we can confidently say that you’re putting your style in safe hands when you opt for Fresh Ego Kid.
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  • Wrap Up For Winter with Intense Menswear

    Here, at Thomas Gun, we cannot overemphasize the importance of wearing layers when the temperature drops. We understand the importance of winter clothing, which is why we always go out of our way to ensure that our winter ranges manage to strike equilibrium between functionality and modern style. This part of the wardrobe rarely gets the attention it deserves, so we have made it easy for you to see what you require at a glance. Cardigans and Jackets Are you a fan of cardigans? Or do you prefer to just throw on a jacket to stay warm? You will find our selection to be one of the most complete you’ve ever explored – offering you choices for any and all habits and personalities. Here at Thomas Gun, we have urban designs that work perfectly when applied to clothing like men’s designer knitwear. This is why we are proud to have a complete collection of Intense winter wear for men that want to keep up a classy appearance during the winter months, where clothing choices are often unflattering. High quality urbanwear All of the designer knitwear from our Intense men’s collection is finely crafted from the highest quality cottons and fabrics – this guarantees comfort and practicality.  You are sure to keep your standard classy look with our choice in designs, colors and styles. No taste or personality is unaccounted for at Intense Clothing. You no longer have to risk the cold, in order to look good, nor do you have to wrap up in unflattering jackets and lose your sense of style - scroll over our collection, today, to see what we have to offer. Here at Thomas Gun, we often bring our urban fashion philosophy to our full range of clothing. This includes thicker items like men’s designer knitwear and heavier clothing, designed to retain warmth. If you think that our designer men’s wear from Intense is the perfect fit for you this Christmas (and let’s face it, why wouldn’t it be?) don’t hesitate to get your orders in, before it’s too late. Do you need any help? Feel free to contact us right away, we’re only too happy to help you through any inquiries you may have!
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  • Have You Heard About Avid Attire? You Should Have!

    Every now and then an urban clothing brand comes into the market and makes us here at Thomas Gun wake up and take notice; not that we are face down on our desks asleep all day. We hand select these urban newcomers to feature on our website. One such brand is Avid Attire, a company we think is doing things the right way, and is going to make some waves in the urban fashion arena over the coming years. If you haven’t heard of Avid Attire yet then as you read through this article hopefully you will begin to understand why we think you too should take some notice of the clothing. Modern Urban Clothing for the Modern Man There are lots of brands that claim to be modern. Some take the approach of blending new influences and cultural trends with old school ideas. Others, quite frankly, take a futuristic approach to fashion. Avid Attire really is a modern brand for the modern man. The clothing is designed to fit into city life as it is right now, and as it will develop over the coming year. It is clothing that is versatile, trendy and produced to a very high quality. You certainly wouldn’t look out of place in a city gym, city bar or walking around Leicester Square wearing this clothing. A Developing Reputation in Urban Fashion This is a company that has controlled its growth. Rather than launching a plethora of different categories of clothing, and hundreds of items simultaneously, the brand has throttled growth in order to deliver in its market niche. It has a developing reputation in the industry, and a growing social media presence, with over 23,000 followers on Twitter and well over 10,000 likes on Facebook. This is the story of a streetwear clothing company that is growing in an organic rather than forced growth model. Watch the Clothing Range Grow The company very much focuses on staple urbanwear for the discerning, fashion conscious man. Over the coming years you should expect to see the urban wear range grow, as the company responds to its social media followers and develops new lines to meet the demand that it sees. This will be an exciting time for those that have come to know and love this quality focused streetwear fashion brand. Try Out the Quality for Yourself At Thomas Gun we are very selective about the companies that we feature on our website. We firmly believe that Avid Attire is a brand you can trust, and you will enjoy. Why not try out some of the quality for yourself by adding a few streetwear items to your cart. We are sure that they will become staples in your wardrobe.
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  • A Look At The Bee Inspired Urban Clothing Range

    When you think of contemporary men’s urban fashion, you should think of Bee Inspired Clothing – in fact, the chances are high that you already do, such is this brand’s efficiency within such a hotly contested area of modern fashion. It’s always worth taking an extra close look at menswear brands that promise the seemingly impossible: a combination of style, fashion and unique design, coupled with the comfort and practicality to create outfits for any occasion. Bee Inspired are one such company that not only promises this mighty feat, but seems to be achieving it with relative ease. The Categories of Urbanwear from Bee Inspired Bee Inspired started out from humble beginnings – the brain child of Mark Corcoran and Steven Robb (two ex-footballers). Their first foray into the world of urban menswear was to create a small selection of four t-shirt designs. This quickly resulted in success for the, at the time, tiny company and has since blossomed into a fully-fledged, multi-faceted menswear outlet. This sees them stocking everything from unique styled hoodies and jackets, sports jackets, trainers, t-shirts and more, all with the Bee Inspired promise of quality and authentic urban aesthetic. The Style and Colours From the very beginning, Bee Inspired set themselves up as the sort of business that wasn’t afraid to take design risks and become the change that they wanted to see within the wider men’s streetwear industry. It’s through this passion, drive and ambition that sees them still incorporating a unique blend of bold, vibrant colors into their huge range of unrivaled designs and styles of clothing. No matter how classical something seems, it always comes with that little Bee Inspired flourish. How it All Fits In your Wardrobe The problem with investing in something unique, or ‘out there’ is often the worry that it won’t fit in with the rest of your wardrobe. This is often due to passionless fashion designers and larger companies churning out eye-catching clothes that lack any real substance – the complete antithesis of the Bee Inspired way. It’s so much a case of Bee Inspired’s clothing fitting neatly into your wider wardrobe, it’s more that you’ll want nothing but Bee Inspired urban wear in your wardrobe from now on. Get Some Active Urban Wear Today So, what’s stopping you from making the most of this opportunity and revitalizing your drab streetwear? Jump over to Bee Inspired now and pick up some fantastic bargains on top of the line streetwear.
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  • This New Urban Style Has Been Illusive Up Until Now

    As any experienced business man or woman, operating within the fashion industry, will tell you – it’s no easy feat to keep on top of current fashion trends, never mind predicting future trends and managing to incorporate that into your own range, before the next big thing comes along. It’s a constant headache for the less capable names, maybe, but not Illusive London. It’s all in the name Illusive by name, illusive by nature – the clever team operating behind the seams of Illusive London’s ranges of menswear, know exactly what’s required to keep things fresh, modern and yet classical at the same time. It’s not so much that new urban style and fashion is illusive as a whole, it’s just that only Illusive London seem to be the guys with the inside track; months ahead of anybody else in the streetwear game, the team seem to be in communication with some sort of fashion deity giving them all of the right clothing advice for taking menswear in exciting new directions. Knowledge stems from experience A lot of Illusive’s success has to do with their solid background within the urban streetwear industry – we all know how successful SikSilk proved to be; and that was no fluke. It takes experience, passion and knowledge of the market one operates in, in order to maintain consistent success and deliver what customers want on a regular basis. Listening to customer feedback on their past clothing ranges, watching the global trends of new urban wear and researching, thoroughly, their new patch (menswear, instead of general fashion), means that Illusive are streaks ahead of the competition. It doesn’t end there, though; the good thing about having such an extensive experience and history operating within a specific sector of a larger market means that before long, you become the market leaders in many regards. Some bigger fashion brands might complain about the direction of new urban style being hard to gauge, and illusive by nature. Perhaps it’s just that Illusive London are directing the new urban style themselves, what they say goes. If you thought urban street wear was dead in the water, then think again: it’s not all about huge global retailers, and their sterilized approximation of what proper urban menswear should look like – take it back to the streets and look at Illusive London’s exciting, daring new ranges for a breath of fresh air.
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