11 Degrees Story

11 Degrees is an extremely new streetwear brand which has recently taken on the urban  fashion industry. Having only launched in July 2014, they are already creating a fresh new buzz amongst the fashion conscious and younger generation.

Classic urbanwear for a new generation

The brand was a new venture for public figure and Geordie Shore star, Gaz Beadle! Many who follow, or are even aware of his career will realise he is very fashion conscious so this seemed like a logical and much desired next step in his career. He already has 1.71 million followers on twitter, many of which idolise his style, therefore his popularity transpires through the 11 Degrees following also! It's increasing at a rapid rate with having a huge 34 thousand followers on Facebook and 8.5 thousand following on Twitter at the moment - and is still growing!celebrity-tees-AW14

Menswear for the new man

The brand is all about aiming clothing at 'the new-found man, between 14 and 30, who really cares about his appearance.' So who better to front the brand than the reality star himself, Gaz Beadle! His style epitomises the brand perfectly.11 degrees

11 Degrees - Effortless style for today's urban man

Gaz has very high sights for the future of his streetwear brand; he wants a 100-piece collection with in the first two years of the launch of 11 Degrees! You only need to step out into town to see several people wearing 11 Degrees hoodies, tees, vests, hats and the list goes on. This just emphasises how well the brand is doing already, and how many people are absolutely loving it - and rightly so!gaz