12 Weeks to 10,000 Social Followers: A Special Brand – Illusive London

The expansion of domestic technology has not only drastically altered the way we live both inside and outside our homes, but also the way that our most favoured businesses operate. With the huge accessibility of information and contact with one another, modern companies are starting to finally wake up to the importance of social media, and more importantly; communication. Meet Illusive London: the fashion brand that knows exactly how to talk to its customers and generate some new interest, through less traditional channels. A unique blend Illusive London, the second fashion creation of the crack team behind SikSilk, are an interesting new arrival on the urban streetwear scene. Their designs boast a unique blend of the modern and the classical, creating something altogether new in a heavily saturated market – no easy feat for a business that’s technically less than a year old. It’s this infancy that’s truly astounding. Many huge, longstanding businesses that we’ve known for years are still neglecting to properly communicate with their customer base through social media channels – and they’ve had years to do so. Illusive London have had a few months. The social impact of the new urban streetwear titans When the company first launched their new style, brand and range (which began with a selection of T-shirts and vests; given that their focus is solely on the male demographic), they quickly managed to generate an enviable social following, online. Within twelve weeks,  Illusive London managed to garner over 10,000 followers and admirers from all across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – to be clear, this is the sort of grassroots social media following that many huge businesses would kill for, let alone a new brand starting up. All this within their first three months of operation, too. What does it mean for the menswear brand? It’s hard to vision anything other than a successful future ahead of the brand, after such an explosive beginning – but it’s important for us, and the company themselves to realise that it wasn’t a fluke. Illusive have a long history of researching their industry inside and out; of analysing and examining what styles are working and which blends might be create something new and exciting, hence their interesting range of floral vests. As long as they keep up this work ethic and business philosophy (which we’re sure they will), then the future looks nothing but bright for the Illusive brand.