3 Scarborough Lads Go Global With Urban Menswear Brand

It’s great to see when friends go into business together and have success. 3 great friends from Scarborough, who have been great mates since school, dived into the business world recently and have ended up establishing an urban clothing brand that is taking the menswear world by storm. 3 guys who used to go to Graham School, Sam Kay, David Thompson and Barry Gill, identified that there was very little American clothing available in the UK.

A hobby rather than a huge menswear brand

When the company began it was very much a pastime rather than a business. They were selling caps and having fun doing so. Fast forward to now and they are creating and selling numerous t-shirts, baseball shirts and vests, which are supported by celebrities, musicians and sports people around the globe.sik silk18 Barry, 34, explains that they found it very difficult to buy American apparel in the UK. He said that they realised that this clothing was becoming increasingly popular and so the trio got in at just the right time. They sold a baseball Jersey and then got interest from a big store.

First urban clothing store on board

June 2013, is the month, Project 72 was the shop. The owner was a celebrity, Gaz from Jersey Shore. He began wearing the urbanwear brand and promoting it.  From there things started to snowball says Barry. They had lots of agencies with interest and an agent was signed in London in order to keep the south side of the business running smoothly.sik silk 15 The next big shop to sign up was FootAsylum. This and, and other successes, made Sik Silk one of the fastest growing men’s’ fashion brands of the year. The company was rolling, and the three friends were very good at social media. Quickly they had endorsements flying in from the celebrity world, and a fan base developing.sik silk 8 It was now time to move out of the spare rooms and get a warehouse in Eastfield. The premises was soon insufficient and they moved to a site that was much bigger on Scarborough Business Park. The company now has a staff of over a dozen.

Sik Silk menswear goes global

With so much success in the UK the company ventured overseas to the USA. With a big deal signed with FootLocker, and massive TV coverage when Tre Songz, the US singer, sported a Jersey made by Sik Silk to Usher’s party, the company was on its way Stateside.sik silk 11 The brand has a presence in Australia and Europe as well. It all seems a little surreal to the three friends after maxing the credit cards and leaving their jobs as accountant, plumber and design engineer. They really didn’t expect things to move so fast, and it has definitely paid off. It just goes to show that a bit of risk, timing, application and talent can go a long way in the streetwear fashion world.sik silk 14