A British Urban Clothing Global giant! Really?

The urban fashion scene is an exciting one. It is full of quality brands that help people fit into this city environment. One thing it’s not normally full of though is UK brands. However, this is changing. There are lots of quality UK urban brands emerging on the scene. Sik Silk is one company that is really catching the attention at the moment. And, yes it is a brand out of Britain!

A British giant urban menswear brand in the making

Sik Silk started from humble beginnings. The three founders commenced the business from spare rooms with little more than a few credit cards to fund an idea. A lot of success, and a move, via a small warehouse to Scarborough business Park, and the company has a launchpad to start having real influence in the urban fashion scene. This company already has a presence around the world. With shops in the USA, Australia and the UK stocking their innovative, authentic edgy menswear clothing, and the majority of European countries and many others around the world also selling the clothes, this is a brand that has taken off.

Social media has been a key to this urban wear success story

There is no doubt that social media platforms have played a big role in the development and expansion of this company. On Twitter Sik Silk now has over 43,000 followers. On Facebook they have over 50,000 likes. This is a brand that is growing exponentially into the urban street wear arena, gathering new follows day by day and developing a reputation that precedes it.

Celebrity menswear brand- British?

Even celebrities have started wearing the clothes. As well as UK celebrities like Gas Beadle, US celebrities like Trey Songz have been spotted wearing this celebrity menswear clothing. Even hip-hop artists have taken this as a hip-hop clothing brand. When celebrities jump onto the bandwagon a brand is set for the stars. The platform for growth that Sik Silk now has in place in the UK and around the world is nothing short of potentially explosive. And, yes again this is a British brand. It isn’t really a surprise that the influences that are cited for Sik Silk urban wear are Japanese and American culture, art and music. America in particular has been an urbanwear influencer for many years. The British twist that this brand puts on the clothing certainly adds something though. Such a mix of influences, and such a platform for growth, mean these are exciting times for Sik Silk, and these are exciting times for the UK urban menswear industry.