A Clothing Range to Show You off: Illusive London

When it comes to fashion, every brand strives for the same sense of success with their clientele; they don’t just want to sell clothes and call it a day there. A passionate and worthy manufacturer will want you to feel like you can show off your new clothes and style, that you’re proud to exhibit that brand name on the street. This reputational aspect is never more important to a business than those that sell street wear for men. It’s a tough bracket to break into, and once you’re there, you don’t want to leave. Illusive London – the latest ‘show off’ brand A big aspect of showing off is the feeling of being ahead of the curve, or the first to do something. Illusive London steep themselves in this mentality, especially with their game-changing designs and business ethic. What other menswear fashion brand is going to make a huge success off of typical masculine T-shirts combined with off-the-wall floral patterns? Not only that, but Illusive London literally are ahead of the curve, in that they’re a fairly new business in and of themselves (having hit our fair shelves in the summer of 2015). The team behind the Illusive clothing ranges are the same that brought you some of the finest clothes from SikSilk – meaning not only do they know what they’re doing, but they’re only just getting started. Who can tell what’s to come? They know you like you know yourself The reason they’ve had such a gargantuan hit with their highly experimental clothing lines is that Illusive London do their research. They know what’s big, what’s popular, and what’s going to come around the next fashion corner long before you do. This means they can tailor (pardon the pun) their urban streetwear ranges to the sort of trends that haven’t even hit our streets yet! Who wouldn’t want to show off that kind of style? Not to mention that a great deal of Illusive’s style and design centres on fitness and the muscular male physique, and we all know how much you gym bunnies like to flex your stuff in front of the mirror and on the street. There’s no shame in it. In fact, there’s an entire clothing range dedicated to it – so don’t be afraid to throw on some Illusive attire and feel the jealous gaze of your fellow men. Who can blame them?