A long sleeve baselayer with style from Sik Silk

The Sik Silk urban wear brand was established just a few short years ago. In that time it has built a massive following on social media, brokered deals with household retail names around the world, and produced numerous lines of clothing that have struck a chord with urban fashion lovers the world over. One of the newer releases to the range is a long sleeve base layer. In this article will take a quick look at this product and why it is set to be a massive success this autumn and winter.

Winter urban clothing

Many brands do a great job of producing baseball tops and vests for the summer. Few are able to nail designs for urban clothing in colder months. This Sik Silk base layer long-sleeved T-shirt is a product that has already shown to resonate with the target market; people are already talking about it on Twitter. This base layer is best worn a little baggy, although it will hug the shoulders and biceps to show them off. It is available in sizes from extra small to large, and in colours white, khaki, blue and black. The Sik Silk logo has become synonymous with quality. This base layer sports the embroidered logo on the left breast. It looks a touch of class. As temperatures begin to plummet it is important to have items in your wardrobe that can help you look fashionable. Sik Silk provides clothing that speaks to the modern city man, and communicates a passion for city life. This long sleeve base layer does both of these in abundance.

A quality streetwear base layer from Sik Silk

A close look at the material of this base layer shows you that it is quality. With very long sleeves and extra thick cuffs this is a warm garment, which will keep you cosy. The side profile of the urban base layer is an interesting shape. It arcs lower at the front than the back creating a profile that sets it apart from many other garments in the marketplace. The stitching is top class, as you’d expect from a product from this world-renowned brand. Silk Silk is a brand that continues to innovate. The designs coming out of this fashion house are nothing short of extraordinary, with the diversity amazing fashion critics and the public alike. The AW 15 line provides pretty much everything you could want for your wardrobe. As you piece together your urban wear clothing collection you will want to turn to Sik Silk for quite a few garments. With big celebrities like 50 Cent now sporting this urban clothing brand it is only going to get more and more popular. When you wear Sik Silk you are communicating that you understand fashion and that you are in touch with modern trends. If you care about how you look then avoid baggy Christmas jumpers this winter, and choose instead quality base layers and sweats from urban fashion giants like Sik silk streetwear clothing.