A look at Some of the Most Vibrant Designs from Fresh Ego Kid Urbanwear

Fresh ego Kid is a relatively new urban fashion brand that has made waves already in the fashion scene. The company enjoys producing designs that have a hip-hop clothing feel, and has an uncanny knack for producing some pretty vibrant and energy filled concepts. In this article will take a look at some of the more vibrant designs from this quality focused streetwear clothing brand. The hats from fresh ego Kid The hats that we see in this brand are certainly stand out stop there are both snapback and traditional baseball caps and all have the italic fresh ego Kid branding across the front. The mix of colours and raised branding make for designs that add to any outfit. There are very few baseball caps out there at the moment that have such a hip-hop, fresh feel about them. The barcode tee designs The barcode T-shirt designs from fresh ego kids are modern urban wear at its best. They’re available in different colours, including navy and white and black and green. They are a contemporary design with a stylish urban feel. The black and green tee is particularly vibrant and full of personality, bringing a geekier urban modern hip-hop feel to the party. The jogpants from fresh ego Kid the fresh ego Kid jog pants are a little different to your run-of-the-mill joggers. They are premium quality and combined beautifully with the hoodies they are made to accompany. They taper down to the ankles and have a fresh and vibrant feel about them. The colours are cool, yet casual, and this is sporty wear that is designed to make you shine in the city environment. The fresh ego Kid range of streetwear clothing sells out on Thomas Gun very quickly. This is a very popular brand at the moment. Over the coming weeks and months we will be expanding the range of streetwear we stock from this quality focused brand. Keep an eye on the collection and look out for bargains in our sales department from time to time as well. Will also keep you up-to-date if you follow us on social media channels, so get on our Facebook and Twitter profiles now.