A Look At The Bee Inspired Urban Clothing Range

When you think of contemporary men’s urban fashion, you should think of Bee Inspired Clothing – in fact, the chances are high that you already do, such is this brand’s efficiency within such a hotly contested area of modern fashion. It’s always worth taking an extra close look at menswear brands that promise the seemingly impossible: a combination of style, fashion and unique design, coupled with the comfort and practicality to create outfits for any occasion. Bee Inspired are one such company that not only promises this mighty feat, but seems to be achieving it with relative ease. The Categories of Urbanwear from Bee Inspired Bee Inspired started out from humble beginnings – the brain child of Mark Corcoran and Steven Robb (two ex-footballers). Their first foray into the world of urban menswear was to create a small selection of four t-shirt designs. This quickly resulted in success for the, at the time, tiny company and has since blossomed into a fully-fledged, multi-faceted menswear outlet. This sees them stocking everything from unique styled hoodies and jackets, sports jackets, trainers, t-shirts and more, all with the Bee Inspired promise of quality and authentic urban aesthetic. The Style and Colours From the very beginning, Bee Inspired set themselves up as the sort of business that wasn’t afraid to take design risks and become the change that they wanted to see within the wider men’s streetwear industry. It’s through this passion, drive and ambition that sees them still incorporating a unique blend of bold, vibrant colors into their huge range of unrivaled designs and styles of clothing. No matter how classical something seems, it always comes with that little Bee Inspired flourish. How it All Fits In your Wardrobe The problem with investing in something unique, or ‘out there’ is often the worry that it won’t fit in with the rest of your wardrobe. This is often due to passionless fashion designers and larger companies churning out eye-catching clothes that lack any real substance – the complete antithesis of the Bee Inspired way. It’s so much a case of Bee Inspired’s clothing fitting neatly into your wider wardrobe, it’s more that you’ll want nothing but Bee Inspired urban wear in your wardrobe from now on. Get Some Active Urban Wear Today So, what’s stopping you from making the most of this opportunity and revitalizing your drab streetwear? Jump over to Bee Inspired now and pick up some fantastic bargains on top of the line streetwear.