A Look At The Clothing Range Of Fresh Ego Kid

Fresh Ego Kid is a new age, urban fashion giant with the intention of changing the tired old routine of the urban fashion arena.  This exciting new label has shaken up the contemporary streetwear landscape with their range of uniquely designed clothing. Let’s take a look at them. T-shirts Fresh Ego Kid is known for a distinctive style and vibrancy.  That said, it comes as no real surprise that their T-shirts radiate style and modernity.  The urban shirt ranges from Fresh Ego Kid are all manufactured from high quality cotton, for maximum comfort and long lasting quality. Fresh concepts and ideas are infused with one another in a number of interesting ways, but perhaps the best example (and certainly one of the most popular) is the barcode-design T-shirt – check it out for yourself! It’s hard to wear anything from Fresh Ego Kid without standing out from the crowd. Hoodies The range of hoodies on offer from the Kid manage to capture the original purpose of a hoodie (warmth and comfort), whilst bringing something a little unique to the standard formula. The brushed fleece feel of these jumpers give off a premium aesthetic appeal, setting them aside from the tired standards of modern urban wear. As is par for the course with Fresh Ego Kid design, the hoodies tend to feature surreal design choices that somehow manage to change a standard warm piece of clothing into something transcendental; got to be worth the money! Hats Hats are a compulsory fixture in the wardrobe of any urban fashion enthusiast: a must have for any urban man with a casual city look. Snapbacks are among the most popular from our selection, as they give off that quintessential hip-hop aura for the wearer. The good news is that all Fresh Ego Kid hats are made from the highest quality materials and are built to last. Sweatshirts There are few things that can rival the uniqueness of Fresh Ego Kid sweatshirts – when you choose the Kid, you choose quality.  All of the available offerings are made with 65% cotton and 35% polyester, making these sweatshirts the perfect balance between warmth and stylish, urban comfort. Joggers Fresh Ego Kid joggers have all the hallmarks of an urban fashion model. These pants hug the legs and taper to the ankles with elastic ankle bands, meaning they’re just as efficient as they are stylish (think sports or workouts). The beautiful FEK logo takes position on the left thigh to complete a truly magnificent piece of work. And, of course, these joggers are manufactured with high quality materials, as ever.   Holding on to any burning questions about these Fresh Ego Kid products? Give us a call, today, and we’ll do our best to sort you out.