A Look at the Limited edition aluminium fixie bike from Sik Silk

All three of the Sik Silk founders have from time to time been a part of the football scene. Recently they have announced that they are sponsoring Scarborough Football Club in a bid to give back to the local community. The founders obviously have a leaning towards sport. Sik Silk is a tremendously successful urban clothing company, which in a few short years has taken the world by storm. It isn’t only a clothing that the company is designing though. They ran a BMX project, and produced a quality rose coloured bike that was a huge hit. In this piece will take a look at their limited edition aluminium fixie.

Prestige bike from a prestige streetwear clothing brand

The aluminium fixie is a “statement piece” from the Sik Silk brand. The frame is satin black and made from lightweight steel. Much of the bike, including the areas from the seat post to the fork, is made from nickel and copper plated aluminium. This finish is premium, and designed to age with a special patina effect. Perhaps the most striking thing about the bike is the front wheel, which looks very different to the back wheel and is a futuristic design. It certainly is eye-catching. There is also a flip-flop rear hub allowing the cyclists to quickly jump between fixed gear and single speed cycling.

Transcending urban fashion

When Sik Silk founders began their fashion brand they knew relatively little about fashion, or about business. They have now moved firmly into the cycling arena alongside their fashion vertical. There are many crossovers between the markets that they are targeting with the two product types. It does make sense from a marketing point of view, especially considering the tremendous power they have on social media, with over 50,000 likes on Facebook, and over 40,000 followers on Twitter. The cycling arm will help feed the fashion division, and vice versa. Just as they knew very little about fashion they know relatively little about bikes. But, just as they succeeded in fashion, they are beginning to succeed in the cycling world. It just goes to show that passion, commitment, dedication and understanding the target market go a long way not just in the menswear clothing business, but also the cycling business. It seems that those with a head for design know no boundaries.