A Look At The Models For The Illusive Urbanwear Brand

One of the biggest keys to success within the fashion world is getting into your customers’ heads. This doesn’t just mean spending hours upon hours carrying out market research and analyzing customer feedback on both you and your competitor’s products. It also means a clever, savvy advertising campaign in order to truly involve your potential customers in the urbanwear range that you’re trying to promote. Nobody is stupid; the general public know that when they see an advert for a fashion brand or a new clothing line, that the company wants their business first and foremost. But Illusive London are slightly different. Know your customer The staff behind Illusive London are definitely no strangers to the complex research, advertising and communication necessary to keep an urban streetwear business afloat - especially in the more modern climate, where this style of fashion is becoming ever more popular. Coming from the global success that was SikSilk, the team know how to find their ideal customer, and then how to appeal to them beyond simple loud and uninteresting advertising campaigns.  We’ve seen this before, with the sister company, when they incorporated footballers, reality TV stars and contemporary male models in order to showcase their fantastic range. They knew their customer base, they researched their demographic; the likes, dislikes, lifestyles and aspirations of their general consumer and then pitched their urbanwear directly to them, via appropriate models. If you’ll pardon the pun; there’s no better business model for a fashion brand. The Illusive London models Given that Illusive London is still fairly new, there’s a little less information floating around about their modelling campaigns, than there is throughout he SikSilk ranges. That being said, by taking two of their most popular and prominent models – Stephen James and Yung Killa; we can already see the same pattern emerging. Stephen James speaks directly to one huge aspect of Illusive’s market demographic: the young, fit, healthy male sector, with a slant on appearance (as seen with Stephen’s considerable tattoo work up and down his body). The man looks like he was born to wear the menswear of Illusive. Then take Yung Killa, a huge music star with work featuring Justin Bieber and more – who better to front the hottest upcoming urbanwear fashion brand than the type of man who breathes this type of clothing? As ever, Illusive’s choice of model not only shows that they know who they’re selling to, but that they’re just as authentic as they are iconic.