A Look At What Illusive London Has To Offer

At Thomas Gun, we like to try and frequently analyse what our fashion brands are offering to their customers – it’s a great way of operating things on our end, because we get an idea of where the menswear industry is heading, plus we can see which of our suppliers is simply not trying hard enough. Every time we take a look at what’s on offer, across the male urban wear marketplace, though, we’re always impressed by Illusive London – an up and coming industry leader, if ever we’ve seen one. What sets them apart? In terms of Illusive’s categories, you’re looking at a fairly typical line up, with regard to menswear: T-shirts, vests, hoodies, jackets, tracksuits and pants, but it’s what they, as a team of passionate fashion designers, manage to do with these clothing types that truly sets them apart from the competition. Illusive are not just another in a long line of impersonators when it comes to authentic UK urban fashion; they’ve lived it and they know it inside and out. The Illusive team are the same masterminds behind the incredibly successful SikSilk fashion line which seen world-famous musicians, amongst others, promoting their clothing on stage across the globe. Every move they make, as a company, comes from a place of deep knowledge, experience and passion – there are no half measures. Where many other, lesser and safer, menswear outlets would be unlikely to try something new (such as deeply colorful, vibrant floral patterns on the shoulder pads of a regular man’s T-shirt), Illusive adore the chance to experiment with design and style. This, if you ask us, is the sign of a truly inventive and refreshing  urban wear brand. It’s not all just about the product Although it’s nigh on impossible to argue Illusive’s streetwear credentials, it’s not all about the clothing. A successful, passionate and considerate business has to operate with a good philosophy at the core of their being; usually this means being communicative and open with customers and taking any feedback on board. For evidence of that, you need only look at Illusive’s strong start. Three months into their life as stand-alone retailers of men’s urban wear, Illusive London had managed to collect over 10,000 followers and subscribers to their social media channels. This is a huge deal, especially for a new business and it all stems from them being open, fun and communicative with their customer base. A look at what Illusive has to offer quickly ends up becoming a case of wondering what they don’t have to offer.