A Look Back At The Fresh Ego Kid Christmas Party

Fresh ego Kid is a brand that has taken the streetwear fashion scene by storm over the last two or three years. The company is known for producing vibrant, modern designs that play to one’s ego. They aren’t afraid in this company to do things a little differently, and to help people stand out from the crowd. It’s not surprising then that the 2015 Christmas party was an event that was full of character, passion and fun. In this article we take a look back at the Christmas party with the benefit of some of the photos on Facebook. The venue of this streetwear fashion party The venue for the Christmas party for fresh ego Kid was the nightclub Eighty3. Positioned in the centre of Watford’s vibrant town centre, the venue has two floors and two bars. The music features includes hip-hop, house, R&B, funk and soul. Due to the fresh ego Kid way the club says that the dress code is not so much about what you wear but the way wear it. The photo booth The fresh ego Kid photo booth captured moments from the night. Full of complementary branding, the photo booth was a big hit for everyone that wanted to feel like a star. The event was full of cool and casual fun and the vibe was about as vibrant as any Christmas party could be. The staff and friends of fresh ego kids came together and made this a truly memorable event. Everyone that went is already looking forward to letting their hair down next year as the company goes from strength to strength, releasing new clothing ranges and stamping his mark on the hip hop clothing scene. Keep an eye on our social media for this hip-hop clothing brand If you want to keep an eye on what the fresh ego Kid people are up to then take a look at the Thomas Gun social media accounts. We always like to share what’s going on with this egocentric company. If you love clothing brands that do things a little bit differently, and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that you can stand out from the crowd, then you will love fresh ego Kid clothing. Why not take a look at their collection on our website and add your favourites to your cart. You’ll be glad you did!