A mix of old school urban and modern style from Sik Silk

Very few brands have had the rapid rise that Sik Silk clothing has had in the urban fashion scene. This is a company that has struck a chord with its army of social media followers, and with people visiting shops around the globe. In this article we will take a look at the unique blend of old school and modern style the fashion designers at Sik Silk bring to the urban fashion table. The spark for a global urbanwear brand The spark that lit the touch paper for this massive urban brand has been much publicised. The founders of the company were over in New York, in Manhattan, and saw an edgy, stylish, old school/modern clothing look on a young man. It inspired them. As they arrived back in UK they began looking around for whether there were similar looks available to the public in UK. They felt it was the type of clothing that could do very well. They found that there was nothing available and started making a prototype baseball shirt. Very quickly there was a clamour on social media from individuals that wanted to buy the top. From 50 social followers the company now has connections with hundreds of thousands of people. The idea resonated and the business grew. Mixed influences from near and far From the beginning the company had the design philosophy of mixing old school flavours with modern techniques and twists. The designs you see in the Sik Silk menswear clothing range are reminiscent of the attire from the 1970s, but distinctly modern too. The influences to the company are predominantly from America, Japan, and, of course, Britain. They take ideas from the arts, music, sport and lifestyle trends. The mixed influences create a design philosophy that pulls together every item of clothing in the Sik Silk menswear range. As you take a look at the AW15 and the SS 15 ranges you will notice how unified everything is in terms of design. The clothing doesn’t all look alike, but it has the consistent  thread of a design company that knows what it’s doing running through it. The retro football shirts from Sik Silk menswear In the Sik Silk menswear range it is perhaps the retro football shirts that point to the style most clearly. The shirts epitomise the mix of old school and new fashion and how it creates a unique streetwear look. As active old school urban wear goes these tops are stand out in the street wear marketplace at the moment. The beauty of the design philosophy that Sik Silk follows is that they can encapsulate a massive range of designs within their menswear clothing collections. For example, they can feature rose designs and flamingos, and they can also have more basic brand carrier designs. The fact that the fashion designers at Sik Silk understand what makes their brand great means that they can make great clothing that is as diverse as you will see in any menswear fashion brand today.