A Modern, Hip Clothing Brand – Illusive London

Illusive London have managed to make a considerably impressive name for themselves in a short period of time.  It took them only twelve weeks to gather up over 10,000 loyal social media followers, back in the summer of 2015, with only one range of clothing on offer at the time. This success has seen them expand their reach and their range across clothing outlets throughout the UK, including ourselves. Who is this modern, unique clothing brand? Street fashion from the street itself It’s no big secret where the inspiration for Illusive London, itself, comes from – the team behind this new, exciting brand are the same bunch that rocked the urban fashion world with their clothing through SikSilk, which was founded on a mix up of urban, classical and modern motifs. But success doesn’t just come from putting the right bits and pieces together and then stamping it out for multiple sales; true success in such a diverse market comes from knowing what you’re doing and who you’re doing it for. Illusive’s streetwear is so popular, and invigorating, because these guys breathe this sense of fashion and the lifestyle that comes with it – it’s not just some pale imitation printed onto cheap shirts for a quick buck. It’s a way of life. Expanding and pushing the boundaries of modern urban menswear The folks behind Illusive’s range of clothing had one goal in mind: to bring that same expertise and passion over from SikSilk and sink it into a brand specifically targeting the male form, with some new exciting (and, let’s face it, much needed) ideas. This collaboration and mix-up of themes and styles has been their modus operandi from the outset: those 10,000 social media followers? They came for the unique T-shirt and vests the company sells – a mix of classic masculine menswear, combined with an eye-catching floral motif and subtler colors. No other brand, specializing in hip hop flavored merchandise, has the bravery to opt for this kind of style choice, which is why Illusive are being so handsomely rewarded for their efforts. The future Illusion With this kind of solid starting point, and with a brave new attitude towards men’s fashion, we’re among the many clothing retailers across the country that can’t wait for Illusive’s next range. If their past is anything to go by, then the future is set to be awe-inspiring. Are You Man Enough for Illusive London Urbanwear? It’s a question we don’t see enough in modern menswear circles – are you man enough? It might seem like a threat, and truth be told; it is, to a certain degree. Anyone can maintain the norm by playing it safe when it comes to style and fashion. What man doesn’t have a cupboard filled with the same bland, white dress shirts and work trousers? A man who isn’t afraid to test the boundaries of contemporary male fashion and find his own unique blend of design and functionality, that’s who.