A profile of a Sik Silk menswear clothing model

Sik Silk is a brand that has grown tremendously fast over recent years. From a base in spare rooms they move to a larger factory, and then on to their current base in Scarborough Business Park, where they employ more than a dozen people. They are a local business success, having picked up awards locally and nationally. One area where they have picked up awards is their social media. Their use of models that fit the brand, and the personality they project to their hundreds of thousands of connections, demonstrate their capacity to influence through the newest of marketing channels. The brand clearly has a very clear understanding of what it is, and how it should appeal to its target market. Perhaps nowhere is this shown so vividly as in the models that the brand employs, and the celebrity endorsements that it seeks.

A semi-pro football model

Leon Scott is a semi-professional football player with Darlington. His role in the side is very much a spoiler. His fierce determination and hard tackling, enable him to be a nuisance throughout the game. He is perhaps the definition of a battling midfielder. A few years ago, as Sik Silk were starting out, Leon was approached and asked if he would consider doing some modelling. He was happy to give it a go and has become a face, and body, of the Sik Silk brand.

Travelling the world with the prestige streetwear brand

The partnership between Leon and Sik Silk clothing brand has been so successful that he has found himself travelling the world to photo shoots. He has been to Las Vegas and Ibiza, as well as shoots around the United Kingdom. As the brand grows this could be an increasingly lucrative strand to Leon’s career. His day job is currently looking after vulnerable adults, some of whom he brings to matches he plays. Scott is, by his own admission, not the fastest player in the league. However, his persistence and desire to be the best, combined with his physical strength from the gym, make him a powerful player.

The Sik Silk clothing look

His look, covered in tattoos, with muscles bulging and not an ounce of fat, have made him a regular on the Sik Silk social networks, with Twitter and Facebook touching over hundred thousand people almost daily. It appears that this semipro football player/part-time model and the leading UK hip-hop clothing brand are a match made in heaven.