A Rags to Riches Fashion Story: Sik Silk Celebrity Clothing

The founders of Sik Silk menswear company, Barry, David and Sam from Scarborough were not exactly on the poverty line when they began the company. They all had careers, as a plumber, accountant and design engineer. However, they weren’t wealthy business angels backing a new start-up, they were three normal guys who had an idea of a fashion range that might just work. And, oh how it has worked. This streetwear company now has retailers clamouring for its clothing. From as far afield as Australia and the USA there are major retailers selling out of this edgy, hip hop clothing brand. The trio began the company with just a Facebook page and some designs. They quickly established that there was a market for their ideas in the clothing scene. They then went on to have some success with sales and left their jobs. In the early days they relied on credit cards to get themselves through and to build the company. There was no silver spoon here. They moved out of the spare rooms and into a warehouse in Eastlands, and then onto a bigger unit in Scarborough Business Park, where they currently work from. They have gone from a single products to dozens, and doing work themselves to now having over a dozen staff.

Celebrity menswear clothing

Early on the company received endorsements from urban clothing enthusiasts in the celebrity space. Gaz from Geordie Shore was one of the first celebrities to publicly wear the clothes, and support the brand. He even stocked the clothes in his shop. Since then lots of celebrities have been seen wearing Sik Silk clothing, including US hip-hop artist Trey Songz and MNEK. These endorsements have gone through the Twitter sphere like wildfire, creating a buzz around the brand that is rarely found in any urban clothing company, no matter a street menswear brand from the UK.

A UK streetwear company primed for growth

With a platform of over 50,000 likes on Facebook, over 40,000 followers on Twitter, and a massive following on Instagram and other social media platforms, and with shops like FootAsylum and Footlocker stocking the clothing ranges, this is a brand that has a truly global platform on which to grow; and grow it surely will. The three entrepreneurs from Scarborough have been a little bit shocked by the massive success they’ve attained in such a short period of time. Their rags to riches story is an inspiration for any would-be men’s clothing company start-up.