A special BMX project from Sik Silk

Sik Silk is best known as an urban menswear clothing brand. However, the designers have taken to different avenues from time to time, and their BMX bike project is one that is particularly noteworthy. Sik Silk was founded a few short years ago by a trio from Scarborough. The company has been incredibly successful, and is one of the leading lights in the economy in the region. Their BMX bike project, like their clothing brand, is prestige. It demonstrates a tremendous amount of skill, thought and strategy, where the finished product reflects a keen eye and a flair for design. Let’s take a look in detail at what their BMX bike is made up of.

A rose BMX bike from Sik Silk menswear

The BMX bike is rose with a CrMo frame. There is bespoke rose detailing that is airbrushed on the surfaces around the headstock, and the rest of the frame is painted in a special custom red colour. The steering tube has a shiny polished finish, and is nickel plated. The forks are tapered to produce a slick design. There are matte black features, plenty of other nickel plating and an all-round beautiful design. The seat is made from genuine leather and, of course, is embroidered with the trademark Sik Silk logo. The wheels are stunning, with a matte black finish that really sets the bike off. This is not a bike for the fainthearted, or those looking for a cheap bargain. The wheels alone cost around £1000. Sik Silk have clearly demonstrated that their design skill transcends just the fashion industry, and can be utilised in other areas. As the brand goes from strength to strength, and develops even more widespread appeal, it stands to reason that the company will, for side projects, and for financial gain, broaden into more verticals.

An urban clothing company first

Don’t worry though, Sik Silk is and always will be a global streetwear fashion brand that does other things too. Their raison d’etre is fashion and that is where the company will focus the majority of its energy for the long haul. There have been a number of interesting forays by global brands into different areas. For example, Porsche released a stunning pen a few years back. These diversions can help to raise a brand’s profile, and provide something for journalists, like myself, to talk about.