A Vibrant New Urban Clothing Company- Fresh Ego Kid

The urban clothing arena is one of the most challenging in the fashion world.  New companies are tasked with the hurdle of doing something different whilst simultaneously ensuring that the urban fashion needs of their target audience is being properly addressed.  It’s not really much of a surprise that a huge number of new hopeful brands don’t stand the test of time. Enter Fresh Ego Kid. Fresh Ego Kid-The urban fashion juggernaut Founded in 2011, Fresh Ego Kid is a vibrant, new urban fashion company that has set out to revolutionise the urban clothing landscape. The company is run by a group of passionate designers who firmly believe that fashion should always be about the ego and aura of the wearer.  Egocentric men are often looked upon in a negative light, but Fresh Ego Kid believes the best way to make a fashion decision is with your ego in mind.  Since launch, the company has quickly established itself as a leading brand for the discerning urban fashion enthusiasts. Bold and daring urban streetwear Fresh Ego Kid has been able to get a strong foothold in the urban fashion sphere through their unique and innovative approach to design. From t-shirts to snap backs and joggers, all their products feature practical yet intriguing craftsmanship. Even when the style is minimalist, the designers often find a way to make good use of contrast and artisan fonts to leave an impression on the wearer (as well as those around them!). You can count on the urban fashion street wear from Fresh Ego Kid to provide you with stylish fashion that’ll always set you apart from the mob. Vibrant urban fashion for all sexes Fresh Ego Kid is a unisex company; women’s streetwear gets as much attention as menswear, with this brand. Most of the products from the company are available for both sexes and are also available in a wide range of sizes, making it easy for everybody, regardless of gender, age or size to get the right fit. Urban street wear made of high quality materials All the clothes on offer from Fresh Ego Kid are made of high quality materials, with the strength to withstand day to day exertions without losing their shine. Finally, you can now give your wardrobe the overhaul it truly deserves. Give us a call today if you would like to discuss anything about this new, powerful urban fashion company.