Avid Attire: Keen to Impress

Avid Attire is a new and up-and-coming urbanwear fashion brand that is making some waves in the fashion scene at the moment. With a small range of clothing they aren’t yet main players in the fashion scene, but that comes with some benefits. As the name implies they are keen to impress, and this eagerness comes through in quality designs, quality materials and a professional attitude to marketing and customer service. This is a company that is doing things the right way and striving to become a big player in the urban fashion scene. The Avid Attire brand The Avid Attire brand is characterised by a sporty, active streetwear vibe. If you check out any of their marketing videos you will see lots of street scenes in the city, and models that have that urban character you have come to expect on the Thomas Gun website. Most of the designs are staples for your wardrobe rather than flamboyant pieces. The exception to this rule is perhaps the vests, which can be quite colourful and unique. The company is looking to produce clothing that you can wear day in day out as you go through your journey of city life. This streetwear brand is aimed at those that are discerning, and appreciate great designs and great quality. A look at the Avid Attire clothing range The Avid Attire menswear range includes hoodies, joggers, sweatshirts and T-shirts. We have heard on the grapevine that there will be more garments types coming out soon. The clothing is made in colours you’d expect of an urban fashion label; white, black, iron and khaki. There are signature garments, with the ‘Avid’ logo emblazoned across the chest, and more subtle branding on other pieces. Value for money urban clothing This is a company that is going to be big in the urban fashion scene. The great thing about a new brand is that not everyone is wearing it yet. You can develop your own unique look with Avid Attire menswear, and do so at very good value price points. Watch the Thomas Gun and Avid Attire team social media profiles to stay up-to-date with new collections. It’s going to be exciting to see what this quality streetwear company brings out next. What is certain is that their eagerness to impress will shine through in some more quality clothing that you will want to be wearing day in day out as you go through city life.