Avid Attire Social Media

Any new company these days needs to look at social media as a way to bolster their image and create engagement with new and existing customers. In very few niche is social media as powerful as in the fashion industry. New urban clothing companies have jumped onto social media in a frenzy of activity in order to get feedback on their new releases, and develop their brand image and brand following. Companies like Sik Silk menswear have managed to get photos of 50 Cent and other high-profile celebrities shared through Twitter. The Avid Attire social media presence Avid Attire use all the main social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. You can see the social media presence of Avid Attire clothing through the links below. Facebook:        https://www.facebook.com/Avidattire/ Twitter:           https://twitter.com/Avid_Attire Instagram:       https://www.instagram.com/Avidattire/ Pinterest:         https://www.pinterest.com/Avidattire/ As well as using these platforms, Avid Attire have videos up on YouTube, providing a behind-the-scenes look at how the company goes about its business. Urban fashion social media Urban fashion companies use social media to let their followers know about new launches, but also portray their personality through the social media platforms. A lot of the founders of these companies are relatively young and have grown up using social media in their daily lives. They are therefore highly skilled at engaging people through this relatively new marketing technology. Fashion lends itself to visual forms of communication. Discerning fashion enthusiasts love to see the pictures of the latest collections, and see stunning models showing off cutting-edge clothing. Jump onto your favourite social media platforms and take a look at what Avid Attire has to offer. We stock the brand because we know it is an up-and-coming star in the urban fashion scene. The menswear clothing that we have on our website is all premium quality and designed to make you stand out from the crowd. The clothing reflects the best of active urban clothing. It is perfect for the discerning city dwelling man who loves to live the active city life. You will find sweaters, T-shirts, jogpants and hoodies in the collection. It’s also great mixed with other clothing brands you will find here on Thomas Gun.