Avid Attire: Sporty Streetwear Fashion

Avid Attire is a fairly new brand with a fast developing reputation.  If you take a look at the behind-the-scenes videos on YouTube you will see more about what they are really about. Their models are stylish and have a distinctly urban look about them. The music that they use is relaxed, active and cool. The brand is active streetwear through and through, from the biker joggers to the T-shirts and sweaters. A brand that does things the right way As you take a look deeper into the Avid Attire story you will see that they are gradually building their range and seeking feedback through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels. They are really trying to build dialogue with their followers so they can find a niche in the market and build something special. They use a mix of cotton and polyester materials in most clothing; and this always reflects in quality attire. They really are keen to impress and stamp their mark on the urban fashion scene. The beauty of a new streetwear clothing brand The beauty of choosing a new brand is that not everyone else is wearing it. You can develop a reputation as someone who has an eye for a new up-and-coming star in the fashion world. Why would you want to follow the crowd and wear what everyone else is wearing? At Thomas Gun we try to bring you new and evolving companies so that you can pick some of the mainstream and some of the new more niche companies, such as Avid Attire. This really is a company that is going places and will be a mainstay in the fashion market in the future. If you are looking for a sporty streetwear look then Avid Attire do the staples you require for your wardrobe. They specialise in producing clothing to wear out in the city day in day out; the kind of clothes that become staples in your wardrobe and your favourites. As a young brand there is relatively little written about the company. They do, however, have a good social media presence and some videos on YouTube where you can find out more about what they stand for, and the future of this growing urban brand. If you like the clothing then why not add some to your wardrobe. You are assured of high quality clothing that stands out in the current streetwear fashion scene.