Barry, from Sik Silk, explains the street clothing brand's Eureka moment

Sik Silk is an urban menswear brand that has grown tremendously fast over the last few years. From humble beginnings in spare rooms the company now has a warehouse with more than a dozen staff on Scarborough business Park. In this article we look at the moment the brand was conceived. In one moment the course of the three founders of the company was changed, and the urban fashion scene gained a new innovative, edgy menswear clothing brand. Barry Gill, is one of the founders of Sik Silk. His fellow entrepreneurs are David Thompson and Sam Kay. Barry explains that the moment the company took shape was a moment of inspiration. It was a kind of fashion Eureka moment.

A moment of inspiration stimulated Sik Silk men’s clothing

Whilst walking through Manhattan, in New York, Barry’s attention was drawn to a young kid who was sporting a combination of old school hip-hop and authentic modern urban menswear. The mix was striking and edgy, yet it worked. In that moment was born and idea. Barry and his chums decided to do some market research. At the time they were a plumber, an accountant and a design engineer. They didn’t necessarily have all of the skills or knowledge of a leading fashion house; but they did have passion, drive, commitment and a belief that they had found something.

An urban wear prototype from that idea

That idea evolved into a prototype shirt. The baseball shirt was marketed on Facebook and people showed interest. That initial idea that came to mind in Manhattan quickly formed the basis of a brand with a diverse range of clothing. That range of clothing now numbers dozens of products and is leading to new ranges coming out on a regular basis. The company has over 50,000 Facebook likes and well over 40,000 Twitter followers. This is a brand with an idea that resonated in the urban fashion scene, and has even compelled celebrities around the world to fall in love with the garments. With a presence now in Australia, America, the UK, Ireland and around the world, and international buyers from just about every country in the world, Sik Silk streetwear clothing is now a household name. The idea that spawned this men’s clothing company stimulated a spiral of events that took hold of the trio of founders, and touched people around the world. The legacy of that one moment in Manhattan, that Eureka moment, is a brand that reaches far and wide and is fast becoming a giant in the urban clothing scene. It just goes to show how an idea, and a bit of belief and hard work is all it takes in the fashion world to create a quality menswear clothing brand.