Beckham Wears Fresh Ego Kid

There is no doubt that the Beckham family is one of the most stylish in the world. Victoria and David where something and soon that something is in high demand. However, they aren’t the only fashionable Beckhams. Their oldest son Brooklyn has recently passed his GCSEs, and is proving to be a pretty dapper dude as well as a clever one. Fresh ego Kid is a brand that is vibrant and fresh. It is an emerging force in the streetwear fashion scene, producing beanies, snap backs, tanks, sweats and tees. The company prides itself on putting the ego into clothing, and helping people to stand out from the crowd by wearing something little different. Luckily for us Brooklyn Beckham posts regular pictures on instant grammar and other social media, so we can keep an eye on what this trendsetter is wearing. He recently posted a picture of himself wearing a fresh ego Kid sweater, with the brand emblazoned on the left side of his chest. His previously been seen wearing fresh ego Kid hats as well. If you need a new brand to excite you then fresh ego Kid is certainly one that you should have your eye on. Thomas gun we ensure that we stock the best up-and-coming streetwear fashion brands so that you can choose from quality up-and-coming stars in the fashion scene. Fresh ego Kid is certainly one that stands out from the crowd at the moment, and can help you stand out as well. The brand isn’t afraid of mixing colors, and does things a little unusual sometimes. When you wear new urban brands you are marking yourself out as someone who is able to identify what is good new fashion and what is not. You can create your own unique look that no one else is wearing at the moment. Combine some classic urban brands with new brands like fresh ego Kid streetwear and you are onto a winner. As for Brooklyn Beckham, the world is his oyster. If he continues to dress as cool as he does at the moment then no doubt he will be a main target for companies wanting popular people wearing their brands; if he isn’t ready.