Bee Inspired – A Socially Active Urbanwear Company

It’s no secret to anybody running their own business, big or small, that the importance of social media is one of the foundations of a successful modern company. With the increase in technology, accessibility of information and the ability to talk with friends, companies and celebrities at the touch of a button – social media is making the large world small again. This is fantastic news for clever businesses like Bee Inspired Clothing, who quickly understood the importance of social media when beginning to create their exciting urban menswear brand. Humble Beginnings – But a Clear Vision The minds behind Bee Inspired are that of Mark Corcoran and Steven Robb; two previously professional footballers who traded in their strips for something a little more fashionable. Prior to Bee Inspired’s inception, the two men had absolutely zero experience of running a business within the hotly contested space of modern menswear. But they had something that many other, larger businesses lack: passion and a vision. They knew what was missing from the contemporary urban menswear market; a balance between functionality in sportswear and a stylish flourish that would have young men wearing their gear both off and on the pitch. A Skilled Social Streetwear Brand The guys started out with a tiny selection, in order to test the waters of the menswear sector – they set themselves up with a small range of four T-shirts, only to find stock running out faster than they could ever have accounted for. This is, predominantly, down to Facebook which was the initial selling tool during Bee Inspired’s baby steps within the urban clothing marketplace. After cultivating a social gathering on Facebook, they quickly realised that something bigger was needed: their own, bespoke and engaging website. The Current Social Profiles That isn’t to say that they left behind what they know. Nowadays you can find the Bee Inspired brand all over any number of social networks, with a strong following of loyal customers and fans; such is the social aspect of Mark and Steven’s business model. Not only that, but the ‘social’ side of social media is just as strong, with a considered business slant towards honesty and communication with their customers through a fantastic customer service, operated by the boys themselves! A Platform for Growth in the Urban Fashion Industry It’s rare to speak of such a success story within the urban fashion industry, especially when we narrow it down to specifically menswear. But Bee Inspired have managed to create and cultivate their own hugely impressive and enviable platform within this hugely aggressive market – and the best part? They’re showing no signs of slowing down.