Bee Inspired: The Story of the Company

The team behind Bee Inspired are an interesting bunch – set aside from the larger corporations that control today’s modern fashion industry; Bee come from a place of passion and interest in men’s fashion outwith the professional wold of clothing design and retailing. It’s because of this that the company has garnered such an admirable reputation and respectable attitude toward one of fastest growing modern clothing sectors: menswear. Let’s find out a little bit more about the company and their inspiring story. The People behind the urban clothing brand Unlike countless other large high street chains and urban clothing conglomerates, Bee Inspired was created in the minds of Mark Corcoran and Steven Robb – notable for their complete lack of experience, at the time, of the wider fashion industry and menswear in general. Mark and Steven had spent over fifteen years working as professional footballers (already an enviable occupation for the majority of young men in the UK), before they decided to kick the ball aside and venture into a new path. The two men were inspired by the constant conversations the overheard in the changing rooms after practices, where the players would look to the weekend and talk about what clothes they were planning to wear, or what they’d picked up from some of the high end urban menswear outlets. But to Mark and Steven, something was missing: the blending of sports gear that was efficient, practical and useful and a stylish flourish – the kind of clothing that you’d be happy to show off on the pitch, rather than something boring, dull or utilitarian. The fashion design influences The influences for Bee Inspired can really only be attributed to the passion and dream of Mark and Steven – they saw a gap in the market, and sought to fill it as soon as possible. They took their influences from the lacklustre urban menswear that they would see colleagues and friends wearing, and decided to try for something completely different. To become influences of their own. The clothing range Bee’s fashion range started out with a small selection of four T-shirts, which almost literally flew off of shelves within the first few months of the company’s inception. From there, the guys used their contacts within the sports industry and pushed their goals into the stratosphere, by designing all kinds of high class urban menswear that met the needs of a fit, young, male demographic. The future of Bee Inspired With such a fast take-off, from such humble beginnings, it seems difficult to envision anything but a world of success for Mark and Steven, in the time going forward. With a strong drive for success, a key catalogue of contacts and suppliers, and the support of the modern male demographic, there’s nowhere to go, but up.