Benefits Of European Clothing Manufacturing

Let’s face it, these days most companies manufacture clothes over in the Far East. Factories over there can produce clothing at incredible prices. If you head over to Africa you will see that the clothing from these Far East manufactures is very different to that which we receive over here in Europe. Factories and companies make clothes for different marketplaces. However, sometimes the quality can fall below par when you are starting out a brand buying from factories a long way away. Avid Attire has chosen to take a different approach, by using European factories to manufacturer their clothing range. In this article we will take a look at how this benefits them, and why it can be a great model for new urban wear clothing brands. Troubleshooting Visits and More Control One of the biggest advantages of having a European based manufacturing process is that you can organize troubleshooting visits if issues occur with manufacture. It is possible to visit with minimal expense and time investment and take a look at where things are falling over. It could be something as simple as a process that is being skipped, or a stitching machine that is not up to the quality level required of the brand. Being able to head over to a manufacturer with a day’s notice means Avid Attire has far more control over the manufacturing process, and is able to ensure that brand standards are maintained. Shorter Urban Wear Times to Market In addition, transit from Europe is a more easy logistical process than from the Far East. Delivery times are shorter, and therefore time to market is reduced. This is a distinct advantage when there are short design/manufacture cycles and regular product releases. It also means that the delivery process is more predictable, and predictability is a vital part of business in the early stages. Supporting Europe through Streetwear Fashion Avid Attire think it is a good thing that they are supporting the European manufacturing community. Britain doesn’t manufacture as much as it used to and that is a shame. However, using European factories means that more revenue is kept within Europe and the overall European Community rather than heading overseas to far-flung locations. Supporting European streetwear fashion communities will only improve the European fashion industry. A rising tide raises all ships. Great for Start Up Fashion Companies As we implied above there are lots of benefits for new start-up fashion companies using manufacturing processes in Europe. Control, timeliness, and the ability to visit the manufacturing location are but a few. It is also possible to have more control over which materials are used and even have specific materials delivered to the manufacturing location with ease. Avid Attire is a new fashion company that has chosen to use manufacturers in Europe. It is clearly a great decision for them, with terrific clothing coming out of their fashion label. More up-and-coming fashion brands would do well to follow their example.