Britain’s trendiest streetwear brand? Sik Silk?

Britain has had a lot of success in the streetwear fashion scene over recent years. With companies like Serge Denimes, Intense Menswear and Sik Silk clothing hitting the scene, there is a broard diversity of urban wear coming out of the British Isles. There is certainly an argument that Sik Silk is the most successful of the brands coming out of the UK. In this piece will take a look at why Sik Silk is perhaps the trendiest streetwear brand not just in Britain, but in the world. Everybody loves a bit of old school urban clothing The design philosophy of the Sik Silk clothing brand is to mix old school designs and ideas with modern trends and techniques. This culminates in a special range of clothing every time, with mixed influences out of Japan, America and Britain, and concepts that other companies shy away from as too edgy. Because the company knows what it’s about so completely it is able to do things that other companies simply can’t. Attracting hip-hop and urban celebrities Sik Silk has become a celebrity hip hop clothing brand. Even though it is a relatively young company it has already attracting the attention of 50 Cent, with him photographed in Sik Silk clothing. When an urban wear clothing brand is seen on A’listers of that magnitude it is time to say the clothing brand has arrived. The reality is that, to attract the attention of big hip-hop celebrities, and get the endorsements that the Sik Silk clothing brand has, speaks volumes about their ability to do something different. Their trendy fashion designs are stand out in the market at the moment. Their ability to try new things and make them work, and hark back to a previous era, whilst looking forward to the next, is unique in the urban fashion scene not just in Britain, but around the world. And they are based in Scarborough? Who would have thought that an urban fashion clothing company out of Scarborough could have such a massive impact on the world urban wear scene. It just goes to show that it isn’t just the big fashion houses that can make it these days. With clever social media campaigns, and by attracting the attention of the right people, a fashion brand such as Sik Silk can take the world by storm, and that with relatively little initial investment. When you see the route to success that this menswear clothing brand has taken it gives hope to all aspiring fashion designers.