Building a Sik Silk Clothing Collection – Staples for your wardrobe

Thousands of people have fallen in love with the Sik Silk clothing range over the last few years. From the time the first baseball prototype shirt was posted on Facebook people were shouting about how they love the mix of old school and modern design features. If you are one of the Sik Silk menswear converts then you might be looking to build a wardrobe with their clothing items. With such a growing range though, it can be difficult deciding what to buy. In this article we take a look at a suggested make-up of your new Sik Silk clothing wardrobe Think about the different Sik Silk streetwear clothing departments          Sik Silk menswear clothing is a massively diverse brand, offering all types of clothing. You can therefore build the whole of an outfit from the collection. The way the Sik Silk clothing brand release their clothes is in seasonal collections, and we are currently on the AW 15. Naturally the clothes you will find are warm and appropriate for the autumn and winter months. Some of the staples you should choose from this collection include some base layers, tasteful and stylish to be worn with a hoodie or under a jacket. One or two hoodies, perhaps one sportier and one more smart/casual. You could choose the new navy tracksuit as it comes with a hoodie and therefore is multipurpose, fitting your trips to the gym and also doubling as a hoodie you can pop on to go down the shops. Sik Silk Tees The Sik Silk T-shirt range is perhaps the most diverse range of T-shirts you’ll find in the urban fashion scene. You’ll want to choose a mix of T-shirts for different occasions. A few basic T-shirts sporting the Sik Silk initial logo on the left breast will make sure you always have something to wear whatever the occasion. You could go for a couple of active T-shirts for your sports occasions, or perhaps a retro football shirt. For occasions you want to display a bit more personality one of the rose designs is perfect. They come in both black and white, with excellent contrasts with the bright blood red of the roses. Hareem pants and jeans from this classy urban wear brand Sik Silk have invested a lot in developing a unique jean style. Their Jeans, as with all their trousers, taper to the ankles and hug the legs. They are fantastic to combine with slim fitting T-shirts or body hugging sweats. If you are fashion conscious then avoid baggy sweat pants at all costs. Go for a classy pair of Sik Silk joggers and you will display your fashion prowess even when you are getting active. Urban fashion accessories and headwear Make sure you choose the right watch and take a look at the hats in the Sik Silk headwear range as well. The tan leather hat is a sight to behold. If you really want to kit yourself out with Sik Silk clothing then you should draw together different looks to create your own style. This means a selection of T-shirts, selection of sweats, different types of hoodie and different trousers. You don’t want to just copy the Sik Silk models, you want to be your own man. Also think about combining Sik Silk clothing with some of the other top urban wear brands such as Intense, Nena and Pasadena, Friend or Faux, Serge Denimes and Niice.