Buy The Look; Feel The Quality; Bee Inspired

It’s often said that the success to good, successful marketing is a clever brand name, or one that grabs the attention of the regular man on the street. Bee Inspired certainly meets both of these criteria, but it also meets a secret third one: accuracy. Listening to the story of Bee Inspired’s inception, watching them grow into an industry titan amongst the urban wear brands already in existence, and hearing their passion for their chosen field… It’s difficult not to be inspired, yourself. How many brands can say that? A Newcomer to the Urban Fashion Scene Bee Inspired are a relatively new company, in terms of age, upon the urban fashion scene. Since their humble start in October of 2013, the company have come leaps and bounds, the likes of which many other industry competitors can only dream of. The streetwear brand arrived in the minds of Mark Corcoran and Steven Robb - two ex-footballers, who saw their chance to change the industry for the better. The two men were quick to realise that the contemporary urban fashion sphere was lacking something in a balance between style, inspiration and practicality – shortly thereafter the football boots were traded in for a more fashionable pair of trainers, and Bee Inspired was born. The Look of the Active Urban Brand With any fashion brand, the first test is a visual one: how do the clothes look? Taking Bee Inspired Clothing into consideration, it’s not difficult to see the link between the two mens’ passion for shaking up the stale urban industry with something a little different. The look of Bee Inspired is classic enough to cater to a more traditional customer base, whilst offering unique twists and design ideas to create something wholly unseen elsewhere on the market. Quality Focused, Value Driven One of the key tenets of Mark and Steven’s foray into the world of urban fashion was to create something that customers would be proud to wear in all circumstances, which means having a certain trust in the brand itself. This trust wasn’t to be gained through clever marketing or any other modern day tricks for business; but simple, authentic quality in materials and value for money when it came to pricing schemes. Does Bee Inspired Clothing Fit Your Wardrobe? The genius of the mix and match influences prevalent in the Bee Inspired design catalogue is that literally any item of clothing purchased from the brand will fit in with any other clothing you likely already have hanging in your wardrobe. Now the fun can begin; creating your own outfits with new Bee Inspired gear!