Celeb Style - Popular T-Shirts AW14

As many of you may already know due to my previous blog post on 11 Degrees, the streetwear brand is fronted by Geordie Shore star, Gaz! He is definitely a celebrity with style that many of the programmes viewers, or even just fans of Gaz himself, admire. It’s laid back but always well put together. Plus he definitely knows his urban wear brands! gaz One of 11 Degrees most popular AW14 t-shirts has to be the ‘Vertical Cut & Sew T-Shirt Tropical’ in black. Although it may be from the autumn/winter collection, it can definitely still be worn into spring, ensuring maximum wearability and versatility as you can style it in one way to cater for the dull British winters and then style it another way once the warmer weather starts to kick in. Plus the tropical print makes it totally spring-friendly and due to there being a black base to the tee, it doesn’t look out of place in the winter! However, if the floral tropical print is a bit too much for your style, you could opt for the equally trendy ‘Vertical Cut & Sew T-Shirt’ in grey. It’s a similar composition to the one I previously spoke about, yet the floral panel is replaced with a simple block colour in grey. 11 Degrees proves once again that the brand can cater for anyone and everyone.serge Another high profile celebrity brand sold on Thomas Gun is Serge DeNimes, founded by Made In Chelsea’s Oliver Proudlock. This brand is definitely one of my favourites on ThomasGun.com as the style is quite minimal and simplistic which really appeals to me and suits my personal style. It’s extremely fashion-forward for a streetwear brand, and seriously takes into account the wider fashion trends that exist outside of urban clothing. Therefore another hugely popular celebrity style tee is the Serge DeNimes ‘mirror tee’. A black and grey colourway means that it will go with pretty much anything in your wardrobe, and although it has a large logo – it’s not too offensive or anything as it’s kept simple and tasteful. Plus you can’t forget the most special thing about this tee which is the logo in reverse on the back; again, it’s really simple yet works so well! Another ‘celeb style’ tee which comes from Serge DeNimes is the long white tee which features a silk screened 4 symbol print along the bottom. I would suggest this tee is a little more adventurous than the black and grey one, for someone who is a little more into their alternative street style, or simply for someone who would like to experiment with their clothing a little more. Wear it under a black sweatshirt, with a black bomber jacket and solid black jeans – the result will be a fully on-trend urban wear outfit which will ensure all eyes will be one your well put together yet effortless ensemble.