Celebrity Endorsements Rolling in for Fresh Ego Kid Urban Wear

Many urban brand needs to grow through celebrity endorsements. The reality is that the streetwear fashion scene is driven by celebrity popularity. When big names start wearing your urban clothing you know that made it, and are going to grow. A terrific example is when 50 Cent began wearing Sik Silk clothing. That was a kudos moment for the brand and one that catapulted the company to stardom. Fresh ego Kid is another young brand that is beginning to get lots of celebrity attention. For example, Brooklyn Beckham recently wore a fresh ego Kid sweater, and a hat, as well as other attire, and has been seen in photos on instant grammar profiles. The young Beckham is a dapper dude and is sure to raise the profile of the brand. Another big name in the celebrity world that has been seen wearing fresh ego Kid is Anthony Joshua. Joshua is one of the biggest names in celebrity, with a frame that is 6 foot six and the right cross that is knocking people out left right and centre. With Eddie Hearn as his promoter he is taking small steps towards a world title. Few doubt that he has the skill and power to one day be a world champion, and perhaps he can unify the belts at some point in the future as well. Any endorsement from this seriously charismatic and impressive individual has to be good for fresh ego Kid. You can see videos of Anthony Joshua on their social media presence at the moment. With footballers, musicians and other sports people beginning to take note of and where this brand it is clear that fresh ego Kid has struck a chord not just with the general public but with the celebrity world as well. When that starts happening it is only a matter of time before a brand explodes into the mainstream, which is where fresh ego Kid hip-hop clothing is heading. At Thomas gun we always try to stock brands that we believe offer something different. It is clear that fresh ego Kid is one such brand. They do things very differently from most, yet are able to court fashion lovers the world over. It is rare for companies with such a fresh approach to strike a chord so widely. This is an impressive brand that we love, and we are sure you will love too.