Celebs seen wearing Sik Silk

Sik Silk Urban Streetwear As Worn By Fiddy Cent

Sik Silk is an increasingly popular luxury urban brand that many people simply can’t get enough of, especially celebrities! They create amazing staple jerseys along with bold and daring versions, therefore something for everyone. We all know celebrities love to stand out, and you should too! Sik Silk has a slight vintage feel to their designs, but with a modern and stylish update, creating the ideal fashion-forward, celeb-worthy streetwear brand. I’m going to kick this blog post of with a bang. Guess who is quite possibly the biggest celebrity to have been spotted in Sik Silk is none other than 50 Cent! See how Fiddy styles his tee’s below. Notice how both the t-shirts are similar designs, but he choose a black/white variation to take it from A/W to S/S. Another big name that has been spotted wearing Sik Silk is, A$AP Rocky’s closest friend, the late and great A$AP Yams, Rest In Peace. He was seen wearing it in an Instagram image in A$AP Mobs latest tour last year.

Celebrity Clothing: Sik Silk, Streetwear That Embodies Celebrity Style

Gaz from Geordie Shore is also a loyal follower of Sik Silk the brand, Sik Silk the movement and Sik Silk the lifestyle. He highlights that the brands urban clothing can be worn for any occasion, from a trip to the gym, to a night out in Newcastle with the rest of the Geordie Shore cast. Musician-wise, many guys have been spotted in some Sik Silk garms, such as Niall Horan from 1 Direction, Aston Merrygold from JLS and Calum Hood from 5 Seconds of Summer. Aston often wears his streetwear items such as the ‘Fairly Vests’ on stage or abroad to make all those hours  in the gym worth while, so lads if you’ve got it.. Flaunt it in a Sik Silk Vest this summer! There are also many female celebrities which have taken a strong liking to Sik Silks bold designs!

Girls Wearing Sik Silk: Lauren Platt from X Factor, Stoosh, Jess Gylnn, Tulisa and Sallie Axl

Each of these fabulous ladies have pieced their outfits together immaculately, including their Sik Silk pieces, to suit their own personal style and prove that this brand is completely unisex, no matter what the garment is! siksilk 7Sik Silk 6siksilk 8