Chptr & Vrse Story

Chptr and Vrse is a clothing brand that was born so organically, it seemed like such a natural next step for a group of friends from Shoreham-By-Sea, who loved updating and customising their own clothing to encapsulate the current trends.  From this, they have now grown into an established streetwear brand, representing the youth of today through providing on-trend urban pieces.chptrandvrse

Unique Urbanwear for the Modern Male

The friends behind the brand have dedicated a lot of personal time to educate themselves on the industry, the process of creating a streetwear label and to also develop their techniques in customising and experimenting with clothing to find the gap that’s suits them in the ever-changing urban fashion scene and market. Their dedication to their grind is admirable, and a true testament to how eager they are to succeed.chptrandvrse2

Fashion that Exudes Style - Menswear for a New Generation

The guys take such a fearless approach to their unique graphic prints and diverse style is now an iconic signature of the Chptr & Vrse brand. They devote the designs to the promotion of individual style. They take the more conventional urban style and switch it up via their inspirations taken from a ‘twisted heritage vibe’ and ‘urban, lyrical quotes, musical muses and Americana’ and not forgetting their element of a ‘tongue in cheek religious attitude.’ They have the perfect combination of individuality and comfort at the heart of the brand, whilst still maintaining the highest quality of clothing via fit, style, wash and print.chptrandvrse3

‘Chptr & Vrse is ready to breathe a breath of fresh air into the industry.’

The brand doesn’t stop at basic t-shirts – they have a huge collection of premium and original graphics which are printed on hoodies, track-suit bottoms, beanies, caps and tees! No piece is a copy of something you have been before; each garment is extremely unique and has such a distinctive style amongst a sea of repetitive streetwear clothing brands on the market today.chptrandvrse4