City Centric Clothing

At the moment, sportswear clothing is a key focus in men’s fashion.  Here, at Thomas Gun, we recognise this industry trend, which is why we like to offer a wide variety of sportswear inspired clothing. Some of the sporty items we offer include bomber jackets, printed shirts, tracksuits and trainers. Current trends highlight a shift in fashion dynamic from the corporate appearance, characterised by a buttoned up and over-tailored look, to something a little more relaxed. Sporty trainers for your urban fashion wardrobe We have a fantastic selection of sporty trainers that also manage to bridge that gap to stylishness – these modern looking shoes have quickly become a staple in the modern man’s wardrobe. The rising popularity of sportswear, that strives to be more stylish, means that trainers of this type are practically leaping off of shelves, on and off the catwalk. In addition to the humble trainer, the current industry trend is noticing a natural evolution towards tracksuits and tracksuit trousers, as well as increased ranges of shorts. Laid-back and casual pieces are at the centre of our men’s fashion collection. We’re fully focused on the provision of high quality, loose luxury with perfect blend of sophistication and style.  Here, at Thomas Gun, we combine city centric cool with a relaxed and urban feel. We regularly combine sporty athleticism with eye catching design, bold flashes of confident colour, for a show-stopping result. Relaxed daywear, sportswear and unique accessories are important factors in the classic urban aesthetic here. Buy classic urban fashion sportswear Our diverse range of Intense sportswear is receiving rave reviews, due to the perfect combination of finish and bold detail.  The quality of our men’s clothing ensures all our customers are purchasing designer grade clothing; soft against the skin whilst guaranteed to stand the test of time (and multiple washes). Choosing any of our products unequivocal value for money, we make it our mission in life to usher fashion conscious men into the new generation of menswear. Give us a chance to do the same for you. For your one stop shop, with a fashion collection that offers comfort and oozes confidence, you can do no better than Thomas Gun.