Colorful, Vibrant And Unique, Illusive London

For too long, male urban fashion has been dominated by baggy, uninspired and drab clothing. This sense of dated style speaks to a dated sense of what it means to be a man; nowadays, the average man wants something more than he’s being offered, stylistically, when it comes to his streetwear. He wants excitement, where previously he only saw practicality. He wants design and style, where previously he only had formality. He wants Illusive London. Changing the way we think about menswear Illusive London is one of the most exciting menswear brands operating in the UK today. Stemming from the team’s previous brand success with the globally renowned SikSilk – the Illusive brand sought to look down the barrel of UK men’s fashion and meet the demands of an unsatisfied demographic. Illusive is specifically targeted towards the male physique in their menswear and urban clothing ranges; which means they know, first hand, where the current market has been lacking in its inspiration, design and style. They opted to not only answer the needy cries of men all over the country, but to change the way we think about the streetwear on offer. Putting excitement in front of safety It’s relatively easy to turn a profit in today’s menswear sector by simply copying the trends and decisions of other urban wear brands, but Illusive wanted to do it differently. Instead of playing it safe, they take stylistic risks and manufacture brighter, daring and bold clothing for the modern man – you wanted a classic urban T-shirt design with a twist? Why not pick up an Illusive floral hem cut T-shirt at an incredible price? For Illusive, it’s all about listening to their market and having the bravery to take on an experiment when the opportunity presents itself. Practicality meets design A staple of male fashion, for generations, has been practicality and functionality over design and style. It’s a tried and tested method of operating, and truthfully this idea of male fashion is still heavily prominent. But Illusive combine the two, with the modern male lifestyle in mind – which is why most of their clothing ranges are geared toward a muscular male physique, and the materials are chosen for their ability to work well within an exercise or gym environment. All with colorful, vibrant and bold design choices. Who said you can’t look good when working out? They obviously hadn’t heard of Illusive London.