Editors Pick – Favourite T-Shirts from SS15

T-Shirts are completely trans-seasonal, so even if you buy pieces from the SS15 collections for spring/summer, they will still be totally relevant and wearable this AW15. So see buying a t-shirt as an investment, something of high quality that you’ll still be wearing in 6 months’ time. I have chosen a select few of my favourite T-shirts from the Thomas Gun online store which I suggest you purchase!
  1. Serge DeNimes – Tour Tee

It’s impossible to go wrong with a basic white tee, but the subtly branded sleeves add that much desired detail to transform it from something standard to something completely on-trend. Buy this mens tee slightly oversized, wear with washed-out black denim shorts, white or black trainers and a sleeveless denim jacket over the top. Add a black 5 panel cap to make this urban wear look whole.sergedenimes 6
  1. AKA – Zadar Long Tee in White

Long tees are especially trans-seasonal as you can wear them during the summer on their own or with an open jacket, but transform this to an A/W look with a basic black sweatshirt or hoodie over the top and you will still be able to see the ‘AKA’ lettering detail below the hem of the jumper. If you’re feeling super bold, for the summer wear and even longer grey vest underneath and black denim shorts to show that you are serious when it comes to style and most definitely not afraid to take risks.aka 2
  1. Nicce – Market T-Shirt

A basic, minimalistic, mens' wardrobe should consist of black, grey, white and navy. This particular t-shirt encompasses that minimalist look, whilst the understated graphic detailing ensures that you’re outfit isn’t looking ‘boring and unadventurous’. Plus a few years ago I would have said that navy and black together is a definite no-go! However, as my style is maturing I am realising that it is possible to do. If you’re wearing this tee, make everything else you wear as un-distracting as possible – light blue jeans are too much if you ask me. Wear black skinny jeans, black vans, black everything. Just keep this tee the main focus point of your outfit.nicce london 1