Fresh Ego Kid: A Streetwear Brand That’s Getting Social

Herbal tool for any business these days. There really aren’t many businesses that can thrive is fully without using this medium for communicating and engaging with existing and potential customers. The hip-hop clothing scene is perhaps one arena where social media is incredibly valuable. You take a look at companies like Sik Silk and you realize just how powerful endorsement can be former celebrity, in their case 50 Cent. In this article will take a look at how fresh ego Kid, a young vibrant fashion brand, is getting social. They seem to be doing things the right way, and really engaging the audience to ensure that they are developing clothing that resonates in the market, and that they are constantly motivating the people that buy their clothes. The social media platforms of streetwear brand fresh ego Kid Fresh ego Kid uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Snapchat. Facebook company has an impressive 24,176 likes and counting. They regularly publish offers, interesting videos and company updates. They clearly value the interaction they gain through their Facebook account, and also cross pollinate other social media through this channel. Twitter The companies Twitter account has just short of 24,000 followers. They have treated over 28,000 times. This is a company that uses Twitter regularly. One of this recent standout images on their Twitter feed is that of Anthony Joshua Young British heavyweight boxing hopeful, wearing a fresh ego Kid hat. Instagram On Instagram the company has over 36,000 followers, and has produced just short of 4000 posts. As well as putting up pictures of brand related celebrities and clothing, the company also adds lots of other interesting videos and images on Instagram. Tumblr At the top of the fresh ego Kid Tumblr feed right now is friend of company Anthony Joshua. They clearly use the various platforms to speak to lots of different audiences, and to brand build very cleverly. Thomas gun we take keen interest in the social media ability of the companies we stock. Companies that are able to engage with their fans can launch new ranges much more quickly, gain feedback on existing clothes they can improve, generally do a better job of being an enlightened and responsive company. We take a look at the fresh ego Kid social media activity is clear to see that they are skilled, knowledgeable and have a great attitude to building a profile that is one of the reasons that this company is primed to grow in the streetwear clothing scene.