Getting AW15 Ready with Thomas Gun

It looks like that’s the end of summer... the retail stores are now going into their Autumn/Winter half as of this week, and so is the weather. But as much as I love warm weather, as many others do also, I much prefer autumn dressing. It’s easier to style and it doesn’t look as boring as a simple shorts, tee and trainers outfit therefore you can have so much more fun with it! So in this post I’m going to highlight a few ways to create a Thomas Gun outfit to make that transitional weather period enjoyable and easy! Everyone who is anyone knows that an ‘all black errrrything’ ensemble has been a hugely ‘done-thing’ over the past couple of years, and will continue to be for a long while yet! So first up is an all-black outfit, beginning with the Intense ‘Floral Crew Neck Sweatshirt’ in black. I would then pair it with slim fit black jeans, some solid black trainers, a quilted black bomber jacket and a black snapback, plus if you’re feeling a bit ‘extra’ then accessorise with a sleek, sports style holdall. This outfit will have you looking consistently on-trend and urban.AW15 Another major trend which I absolutely love, as it can transpire through pretty much any style, is layering – street, high-end, indie and many more can allow you to take full advantage of looking like a fashion conscious individual by simply layering a few garments! Start the outfit off with Sik Silk’s ‘Drop Crotch Skinny Jeans’ in a midstone colour and pair this with Sik Silk’s ‘Burn Out Curved Hem Tee’ in Ecru Oil Dye. The curved hem tee is slightly elongated, therefore with Nicce’s ‘Speckle Logo Sweatshirt’ in burgundy worn over the top you will able to see the tee layered underneath, you could even add a black plaid shirt tied round you’re waist if you feel like being bold and taking that extra step in showing off this layering trend! To complete the outfit chuck on a black of black Timberland boots and again, that trusty quilted bomber jacket. You’ll be looking Kanye-esque, minus the ego (I hope).niccelondon3 Often, when it’s cold outside and the weather’s pretty grim, you don’t even want to make and effort and get dressed in the morning! If you have to step outside into the pounding rain, you’d like to do it on comfort... preferably in your pyjamas I’m guessing. Well Thomas Gun has the next best thing for you. 11 Degrees have got it covered and ensures that this outfit will not compromise your style for comfort. I suggest pairing both the ‘Grey 3D Joggers' and Hoodie, because believe it or not, a full matching tracksuit is a trend amongst the cool East London kids! Slip on the ‘Black Brand Carrier Tee’ under the hoodie and a cosy puffa jacket over the top of it, plus your favourite black trainers for the ultimate warm yet on-trend menswear outfit for this AW15!