Have You Heard About Avid Attire? You Should Have!

Every now and then an urban clothing brand comes into the market and makes us here at Thomas Gun wake up and take notice; not that we are face down on our desks asleep all day. We hand select these urban newcomers to feature on our website. One such brand is Avid Attire, a company we think is doing things the right way, and is going to make some waves in the urban fashion arena over the coming years. If you haven’t heard of Avid Attire yet then as you read through this article hopefully you will begin to understand why we think you too should take some notice of the clothing. Modern Urban Clothing for the Modern Man There are lots of brands that claim to be modern. Some take the approach of blending new influences and cultural trends with old school ideas. Others, quite frankly, take a futuristic approach to fashion. Avid Attire really is a modern brand for the modern man. The clothing is designed to fit into city life as it is right now, and as it will develop over the coming year. It is clothing that is versatile, trendy and produced to a very high quality. You certainly wouldn’t look out of place in a city gym, city bar or walking around Leicester Square wearing this clothing. A Developing Reputation in Urban Fashion This is a company that has controlled its growth. Rather than launching a plethora of different categories of clothing, and hundreds of items simultaneously, the brand has throttled growth in order to deliver in its market niche. It has a developing reputation in the industry, and a growing social media presence, with over 23,000 followers on Twitter and well over 10,000 likes on Facebook. This is the story of a streetwear clothing company that is growing in an organic rather than forced growth model. Watch the Clothing Range Grow The company very much focuses on staple urbanwear for the discerning, fashion conscious man. Over the coming years you should expect to see the urban wear range grow, as the company responds to its social media followers and develops new lines to meet the demand that it sees. This will be an exciting time for those that have come to know and love this quality focused streetwear fashion brand. Try Out the Quality for Yourself At Thomas Gun we are very selective about the companies that we feature on our website. We firmly believe that Avid Attire is a brand you can trust, and you will enjoy. Why not try out some of the quality for yourself by adding a few streetwear items to your cart. We are sure that they will become staples in your wardrobe.