Hip Hop Hats from Bee Inspired

When it comes to urbanwear brands and menswear, we often forget about the importance of accessories, and focus instead on the bigger ticket items: t-shirts, pants1, jackets, shoes and all the usual suspects. This is perhaps because accessories have historically been seen as a particularly feminine aspect of the fashion industry, or maybe because most menswear is lacking much diversity or choice when it comes to the accessories on offer. Either way – it’s a hugely pleasant surprise to discover the diverse range of accessories, namely hats, that Bee Inspired have on offer for the modern, urban man. A Company Who Know What They’re Doing The important distinction to note, early on, and perhaps why Bee Inspired have such a wide and diverse range of hat options for men looking for urban wear accessories; is that the company simply know what they’re doing. The two founders, Mark Corcoran and Steven Robb are not industry professionals with years of experience under their belt, they’re not corporate boardroom monkeys who monitor current industry trends just to capitalise on them. They’re two regular men with a passion for sportswear, urban wear and streetwear and they’re determined to improve the current state of the male fashion industry in their own manner. Note: if you doubt the commitment or dedication behind this exciting brand,  just remember that both founding members swapped a promising career on the football pitch for this new, urban fashion career. A Look at The Urban Hatwear Although Bee Inspired’s accessories section also boasts a coolly modern backpack (which, incidentally, is sold out at the time of writing), we’re focusing solely on the selection of hip hop inspired hats. Bobble Hats The majority of the range is occupied by an assortment of uniquely designed, comfortable and practical bobble hats. Each selection is imbued with the Bee Inspired name and insignia in a number of different, playful ways – meaning no two hats run the risk of looking too similar to one another. All bobble hats retail at a fantastic £10.00 each. Cable Knit Hat A much more serious looking piece of winter headwear is the Cable Knit Hat (which comes in a contemporary grey hue) – thick material, warm covering and playful bobble at the top, makes sure that this particular choice stands out from anything else available on the range. This hat retails at £20.00. Blanc B Snapback And, of course, we have a snapback on offer – no hip hop inspired fashion range would be complete without this staple of the culture. Sporting a minimalistic B and nothing more, this hat is a sure-fire hit. In fact, it’s such a sure-fire hit that stocks are currently depleted. This hat retails at £25.00. You’ve got to be fast to get the latest in Bee Inspired headwear!