How did Sik Silk come up with the idea for the brand?

The Sik Silk menswear clothing brand has traversed the globe in a relatively short period of time. It has international customers from all over the world, and huge success in the UK. So how did they come up with the idea for the brand? How have they been able to produce such a huge range of diverse clothing? In this article we will take a look at how they started and why they have been so successful. Every business starts with an idea- Sik Silk did too The idea behind the Sik Silk brand was formed when over in the United States of America. The founders saw a mix of urban wear with modern and old school influences and were hooked. They headed back to the UK and tried to find similar clothing designs, but couldn’t. They made a prototype baseball shirt and put it on social media. The response to this prototype was huge, and the clothing brand was born. Drawing from a mix of fashion influences The Sik Silk menswear clothing brand therefore had a high-level idea for its design philosophy; old school/modern trendy looks. They have combined this with a mix of influences from the US, Britain and Japan in the areas of art, sport, music and street culture. Diversity led by design in this urban fashion brand The diversity of the clothing available through Sik Silk clothing comes from having such a high level design idea and then drawing upon a mix of influences that is wide but unifying. This has meant that the company has a very tight understanding of what it is about and how it should produce clothing. This has, in turn, meant that every item in the collection has resonated with a target market and the overall market has been huge. People always find something to love in the Sik Silk menswear streetwear collections that they put forward. Collections coming fast from Sik Silk With a massive social media presence, including over 42,000 followers on twitter, the Sik Silk clothing brand is able to release new items to the market fast. They capture the imagination and they get quick feedback from their customers. By utilising social media in a very powerful way the company has built fast and, now, is primed for huge growth in the future. They also have a footing in countries around the world through existing customers and retail outlets that stock the brand. As Victor Hugo said; nothing, not all the armies in the world, can stop an idea whose time has come. The old school/modern mix that Sik Silk urbanwear put together is an idea whose time is now, and which is timeless. The company got in at just the right time and have built quickly as a result. The future is bright for the three lads from Scarborough that set up this company, and it’s bright for the British urban wear scene.