How Do Avid Attire Get Their Streetwear To Market?

Avid Attire is a young and developing urban wear brand. They produce clothing for men and women, and have quickly built a reputation for high quality urban attire. With a relatively small, but growing range, they have gone about setting up processes to ensure that they can scale fast, and meet the growing demand from an avid, eager fan base. In this piece we will take a look at the processes that Avid Attire go through in order to get their clothes from imagination to market. Avid Attire development and design The Avid Attire fashion label does all development and design in-house. They conceive ideas through brainstorming sessions, and go through a thorough creative process, developing new and exciting active urban wear concepts that resonate in the current marketplace. The clothing manufacture process The manufacture of Avid Attire clothing is then completed in European factories. The team at Avid have personally sourced the best factories in order to ensure quality processes and quality control. The factories are manned by skilled workers who, through terrific attention to detail, produce premium quality T-shirts, hoodies, joggers and sweatshirts for Avid Attire. Getting ready for the marketplace The clothes are then bought back in-house for another stage of quality checking, and to go through the packing process. This stage in the process is all done in-house by Avid Attire staff, and ensures everything is just how it should be before it is shipped out to the many stockists of the Avid Attire brand, or direct to you, the consumer. A modern streetwear fashion company These days it is difficult to develop a process whereby you can ensure quality control. Many companies have their clothes made in China and don’t know anything about the factories. Avid Attire take a quality, hands-on approach to the streetwear clothing manufacture process. They keep as much of the process as possible in-house and do things the modern way. To stay up-to-date with new collections released by this quality focused urban fashion brand check back on the Thomas Gun website regularly, and sign up for our social media. This is an up-and-coming brand that is doing things the right way and will help you stand out in the city environment; it is always good to be seen in a young brand that then goes on to become a major player in the industry. Add some Avid Attire staples to your wardrobe today.