How Gaz Beadle has helped grow the Sik Silk brand?

Sik Silk is a brand that has taken the fashion scene by storm. In just a few short years the company has gone from a design idea and concept to an international presence that spreads around the globe. The three mates from Scarborough who founded the clothing company had very little fashion experience at the start; it has been a dramatic rise.

The best of urban menswear

The Sik Silk clothing range is the best of urban menswear. It all began with an idea. Walking the streets of Manhattan one of the founders spotted a cool young man wearing old school urban clothing tinged with an authentic modern feel. He looked spot on. On returning to the UK the Sik Silk founders couldn’t find anywhere to buy any such clothing. They decided to try a prototype baseball top, jumped onto social media to talk about it, and quickly had a big following of interested fashion aficionados. The social media following went from 50 to 5000 and over the years the range has increased to include vests, hats and baseball tops. The social media presence is a thriving community now. It is often said that nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. However, it is also said that celebrities are crucial to clothing company success. Gaz Beadle was a crucial player in the early days as the company started to ply its trade. Gaz Beadle, better known as Gaz from Geordie Shore, is a celebrity and a well-known name in the fashion industry. It is a relatively little-known fact that Gaz was in fact the owner of Project 722, the first shop that stocked Sik Silk brand clothes. Gaz was so enamoured with the clothing items that he decided to put his full weight behind the brand, with his celebrity endorsement on social media, and by wearing the clothes on set. Gaz gave the brand a break in the early days, and opened up a whole new sphere of social media coverage to the company. That paved the way for more celebrity endorsements in the future, to the stage where now people are wearing Sik Silk urban clothes to Usher’s parties. Gaz remains a staunch supporter of the brand, and often models and wears the clothing out in public and on TV sets. Every brand needs an ambassador who is willing to push hard to help them. Gaz from Geordie Shore has been that ambassador for Sik Silk.