How has Sik Silk become a global urban fashion phenomenon so fast?

Sik Silk is a British urban menswear brand that has grown phenomenally fast into a special international company. From very modest roots just a couple of short years ago there are now in shops in Australia, the USA, UK and around Europe stocking their unique take on menswear clothing. So how have they achieved this feat so fast? In this piece will take a journey through their success and identify just how they have achieved what they have achieved.

Nothing can stop a fashion brand whose time has come

This urban brand was born out of an idea. That idea was sparked by a young child wearing a mix of authentic modern and old school urban wear over in New York. The Brits who saw the clothing were inspired. They wondered whether there were outlets in the UK to get this kind of urban clothing. They soon discovered that there were not, and so they started a prototype. Now this is key! They began their company with a single baseball shirt and engaged through social media to get feedback. They, from the very beginning, were an engaging brand that sought out feedback from the market to whom they wished to sell. This strategy is at the root of the success of many a fast start-up. By creating a small following that was loyal, they soon had a big following that was unstoppable.

Celebrity endorsements of this streetwear brand

One of the first retail outlets that took products from Sik Silk was Project 722. This brand was owned by Gaz Beadle, better known as Gaz from Geordie Shore. He quickly took to the brand and was soon being seen in public wearing Sik Silk urban tees, and he, and other cast on the TV show, even wore them in episodes. This was like fuel to a burning fire when combined with the terrific social media presence that Sik Silk were building up. New endorsements started to flow, with celebrities falling over backwards to get a piece of this up-and-coming urban fashion brand. Trey Songz was even seen sporting Sik Silk clothing at one of Usher’s birthday parties. This was the kind of advertising that money simply cannot buy.

Intelligent deal brokering by the Sik Silk clothing brand

From that first deal with Gaz, the company has moved on to build a brand that is in many major retailers in the UK, US and around the world. They brokered a deal with FootAsylum in the UK, and then went over to Las Vegas and won a deal with Footlocker.

A multithread approach to building a menswear brand

It is clear from the way this company has grown that much has had to do with the passion and inspiration of the founders, three friends from Scarborough. They’ve also been lucky in that the timing was right. For a start there was no other companies doing exactly what they were looking to do. With well-timed deals, and the strength of their social media skills, the company has gone from strength to strength and shown the way for modern fashion brands to reach a massive audience very quickly.