How Sik Silk became a successful Urban Fashion Brand

A few years ago, Sik Silk was completely unknown. Today, however, they have been able to transform themselves into a leading brand trusted among urban fashion lovers across the UK, Europe and all around the world. What helped them succeed? Uniqueness Sik Silk is focused on bringing a fresh perspective to the urban fashion world.  They achieve this by launching urbanwear with unique and eccentric yet eye catching designs. They know that the urban fashion market love wearing items that will set them apart so they make sure they are able to provide their fan base with that experience from sweat shirts to T-shirts. Their floral tees, for example are undoubtedly, one of the most uniquely intriguing in the market today. Understanding of the target audience The company understands their target audience completely and this has helped them to better satisfy their needs. The urban fashion community is one that is upwardly mobile. Keeping them satisfied therefore means quickly adapting to their rapidly changing needs. Sik Silk understands this perfectly and is therefore always on the front foot with designs and new product launches. Their understanding of the target audience has influenced the way their products are marketed. With more emphasis on social media, the company has been able to constantly release new products to their target audience. Creation of brand loyalty The urban fashion audience is never at a loss when it comes to finding where to make their purchases. It is therefore often difficult to keep them loyal to the brand. However, Sik Silk has been able to achieve amazing brand loyalty, only using high quality materials and offering lots of incentives to returning customers. Customers impressed with the quality of their last purchases are therefore given plenty of incentive to become repeat customers. Selling a look Instead of focusing on selling individual products, Sik Silk places emphasis on selling an appearance; a style. They have employed just the right models, in people like Leon Scott, to promote the designs. The target audience have bought in to the look. Very few brands are able to get customers identifying with the clothing as well as Sik Silk menswear. Keeping it fresh and new Sik Silk regularly refreshes the product range, introducing unique designs every few weeks and months. With new ranges coming out, like gymwear recently, and new releases for each season released gradually, Sik Silk customers always have something new to look at and buy.   Sik Silk has done an incredible job of making unique, well-priced clothing that interests a huge number of people. Celebrities the world over, including 50 Cent, wear the brand, and this has further fuelled the desire people have to wear this streetwear clothing.