How Sik Silk has been able to effectively market to Millennials

Millennials are one of the most difficult groups to target with advertising campaigns for a variety of reasons. As a demographic group they display a great deal of confidence, perhaps as a result of the focus they received from their parents, and high expectations placed on them.  They are also a group that grew up understanding the Internet. As a result of this, the marketing mix used to target them has had to evolve. Sik Silk as a brand understands this and has been able to develop a marketing strategy that fully resonates with this group. Here is how they have achieved this. Listening to their discussions From social media posts to comments under fashion blog posts, millennials are constantly voicing their opinion on fashion designs. Discussions are often focused around what they like about certain designs and what they dislike about other designs. Sik Silk has been able to tap into this by creating urban fashion designs that mirror the expectations encapsulated in these discussions. Creating a social media presence Millennials use social media heavily. They rely on it for keeping up with current events, meeting new people, looking for new products to purchase, reading recommendations from current customers of brands etc. Sik Silk has been able to establish a social media presence across the major platforms and have also been able to pull in tens of thousands of millennial followers. This ensures that their marketing campaigns get to them directly and that the urbanwear brand’s products are always in the face of their customers. Personalised communications Millennials appreciate brands that communicate personally with their target audience. They always welcome an opportunity to speak to a brand. Sik Silk has been able to leverage on this by providing several platforms that allow their target audience to rate their products, share comments, share experiences with certain products with their friends etc. Providing millennials with a platform to socialise has also helped spread word about the Sik Silk menswear brand. Creativity Millennials appreciate creativity a great deal. This is why they won’t hesitate to share marketing messages that are fun, meaningful and worth sharing. Sik Silk has been able to tap into this by sharing marketing messages that have creative images and designs embedded. This not only helps the brand to show off their products, it equally ensures millennials will gladly share information about the brand. Sik Silk is a company that has the tools, voice and personality to communicate with millennials; and that is what they do brilliantly.