Illusive London Speak To Muscular Men

One of the hottest new menswear outlets, specifically dealing within the urban and streetwear styles, is Illusive London, who are actively seeking to both appeal to and challenge the expectation of regular male fashion. What other menswear outlets can you say are making a success of combining classic t-shirt cuts with pastel colored floral design and somehow managing to pull off an impressive male look? Exactly. Perhaps the biggest selling point for Illusive London’s latest ranges and forays into the male urban fashion landscape is that they specifically target their products towards a more muscular male physique, rather than trying to appeal to a huge, unpredictable demographic in order to make good on sales. Illusive set out their stall, target the specific type of man they think will show an interest in their unique male fashion philosophy and then go in for the kill. This muscular more male orientated distinction is an important one to make when we discuss the state of modern male fashion. Increasingly, through lifestyle changes and a more independent way of living, men are turning to fitness and gym workouts to become the people they’ve always wanted to be. Illusive recognized this long before many other, lesser menswear and urban wear brands did, and made sure that they would offer the finest in design, style, comfortability and value to the modern man. A quick note: this isn’t to say that Illusive specifically only sell to an everyday action hero physique; whether it’s an interesting, boundary pushing urban t-shirt or something a little more substantial in a sports jacket, Illusive London will have you covered – literally. So, the question remains: are you man enough to try Illusive London’s urban wear range and show that you know what true street fashion is? There’s only one way to prove it.